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How to Setup Bitwarden Push Notifications?


[Solved] If you want to enable Bitwarden push notifications on your device, you will get it here as a step-by-step guide. Password managers have revolutionized how we store our passwords online. They’re also great at keeping track of other important information such as two-factor authentication codes (2FA), recovery options, etc. However, they do lack one key feature—the ability to receive push notifications when changes occur in the vault.

A lot of users would like this functionality but don’t know where to look. Insecure password managers may not provide it by default because their privacy policy is against providing that service. This means some services will require you to enable them yourself before using them with your secure password manager.

But what about those of us who already use a strong password manager like Bitwarden? How does it work without push notification settings? And finally, how can I get push notifications from my web browser extension? Let’s find out…

Why You Should Use Bitwarden

One of the best features of Bitwarden is its ease of use. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to add new accounts, manage existing ones, view all your stored credentials, edit logins, generate 2FA codes, create notes, etc.

The free version allows up to five devices to sync simultaneously across Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Firefox, Opera, Brave browsers, Vivaldi, Tor, and Microsoft Edge. There’s no limit set on the number of devices you can install Bitwarden apps on.

You can also download offline copies of your data, which is very useful when travelling abroad without internet access.

However, unlike 1Password, there aren’t any paid plans available right now. If you want to pay for more storage space, you’ll need to upgrade to premium.

Another cool aspect of Bitwarden is its support for multiple cloud providers including Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, ShareFile, iCloud Drive, Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Openstack Swift Object Gateway, GitLab Registry, Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku, MongoDB Atlas, Redis Cache, AWS Cloud9 IDE, DigitalOcean Spaces, VMWare vSphere API Integration, Docker Hub Enterprise, NPM registry integration, etc.

If you’ve been looking for alternatives to popular password management tools like LastPass, KeePass, Dashlane, Keeper, Keepass, Kaspersky SecureKey, Credential Manager, MyKi, etc., then check out Bitwarden too.

How Does It Work Without Push Notification Settings?

When you first open Bitwarden, it asks whether you’d like to run an initial setup wizard. Clicking Yes takes you through a few steps to complete installation of Bitwarden on your system. Once done, go ahead and launch the application on your computer.

Now let’s take a closer look at how Bitwarden works without push notifications enabled.

On desktop applications, Bitwarden uses cookies to keep track of login details while syncing between different machines. When you sign into Bitwarden on another device, your logged-in session gets synchronized automatically.

In addition, Bitwarden stores encrypted local caches so that your account info doesn’t hit the servers unnecessarily. As mentioned earlier, the only time it communicates with the backend server is during upgrades. Even then, it sends basic user ID and token IDs over HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Here’s how Bitwarden handles push notifications in practice:

Whenever an update occurs in your vault, Bitwarden sends email alerts via Gmail. A pop-up window displays within seconds after sending emails containing the change logs. At the same time, you’ll see a small badge appear next to the icon in the upper left corner of your screen.

Bitwarden Push Notifications
Bitwarden Push Notifications

Clicking on the link opens Bitwarden’s mobile app to show the recent updates.

To ensure security, Bitwarden never shares sensitive information with third parties. All communication between client devices and the servers happens behind TLS encryption certificates. Furthermore, it has a strict zero tolerance policy towards phishing attacks.

Using the Web App With Push Notification Enabled

For people who prefer using Bitwarden exclusively on web browsers, there’s good news too. Just follow these 3 simple steps below to start receiving push notifications on your phone.

Open Bitwarden on your smartphone. Go to the Account menu under Preferences in General. Then click either Enable Device Sync or Disable Device Synchronization depending upon your preference.

Finally, head back to the Account menu again and scroll down to Find Devices. Here, make sure that Send Alerts is checked. Now whenever a new item lands in your vault, you’ll instantly receive a push alert on your phone.

Notification on Your Desktop Or Phone Using Email Address and Password

While you can use both methods above to receive push notifications from Bitwarden, it wouldn’t hurt to try setting up push notifications manually using just an email address and a password.

First, visit the website and copy down the following URL: Bitwarden’s official website. Next, go to your preferred text editor and paste the URL inside the box provided. Hit enter, type in your email address, and click Save & Continue.

Next, head to your inbox and verify your email address. Within minutes, you should receive an email saying that verification instructions were sent successfully.

After clicking Verify, Bitwarden will send an SMS code to your phone. Enter the code given on your PC and continue. Finally, you’ll receive an email stating that you’ve signed up for push notifications. Copy down the secret URL shown in the message body.

That’s it! Now every time there’s a major change in your vault, you’ll immediately receive a push notification on your phone.

It’s Time To Change The Default!

Unfortunately, even though most password managers offer excellent security measures, many still choose to disable push notifications.

This decision seems reasonable until you realize that hackers can easily steal your passwords from unsecured databases simply by knowing your username and email address. That being said, disabling push notifications doesn’t necessarily mean compromised security.

Allowing push notifications could lead to identity theft since anyone with physical control of your device can gain unauthorized access to your accounts. For example, someone sitting beside you on public transportation can swipe your credit card or bank PIN numbers using Wi-Fi sniffers. Similarly, malicious software running in the background of your laptop could also secretly read everything written in the clipboard.

Therefore, enabling push notifications is crucial to protect your digital assets. So why isn’t everyone doing it yet? Well, here’s hoping that Bitwarden helps answer that question.

Have you used Bitwarden recently? Did you ever miss having push notifications? What was holding you back initially? Is changing the default enough reason to convince others to give it a shot? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Atom VPN for iOS

Atom VPN for iOS
Atom VPN for iOS

If you’re looking for safe ways of accessing the web, then some great options are available. One solution is to install apps like Firefox Focus which block websites from tracking you across multiple devices. Another option is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which can be expensive if you want one dedicated to your specific needs. Fortunately, we’ve found a fantastic alternative called ATOM VPN for iOS!

Atom VPN for iOS
Atom VPN for iOS

This cloud-based VPN allows you to access all sites anonymously whilst maintaining full functionality when needed. For example, it’ll let you watch Netflix abroad without any hassle. Plus, you get to enjoy fast speeds, no logins required, and best of all – it is completely FREE! In this article, I’m going to take a closer look at what exactly ATOM VPN does so you know whether it’s right for you or not.

What Is ATOM VPN for iOS?

Atom VPN
Atom VPN

In short, ATOM VPN provides a simple, cost-effective method for enabling anonymous traffic through a virtual private connection. Unlike many other solutions, the service uses 256 AES encryption along with OpenVPN support to enable both secure remote connections and local applications requiring a VPN tunnel. Additionally, they offer a range of features, including a kill switch, ad blocking, anti-tracking tools, etc., making them ideal for anyone who wants to protect their identity whilst keeping their regular browsing habits intact.

However, unlike some similar services, ATOM VPN also includes a built-in browser extension which makes setup much easier. If you prefer, you may wish to skip straight ahead to section 3 below, where I cover how to set up the app yourself.

What Can You Do with ATOM VPN?

As mentioned above, ATOM VPN covers everything you’d expect from a quality VPN. They provide three plans starting with 500MB per month, 2GB per month, and 5GB per month. All packages include 1 IP address, 30 simultaneous sessions, and various extra goodies depending upon the plan selected. These plans will suit everyone regardless of usage requirements.

Additionally, ATOM VPN has recently added “premium” accounts that allow you to share your account with others. Basically, if you need someone else to sign up for an account, then simply create another profile under your username and send them the link for signing up. Alternatively, you could always purchase additional subscriptions directly via iTunes.

Supported Devices & Platforms

One thing worth noting here is that ATOM VPN currently supports almost every platform imaginable. Not only do they work very well on iPhones, iPads, Amazon Fire Sticks, Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, Smart TVs, games consoles, smartwatches, routers, NAS drives, Kodi boxes, and more, but they also run natively on the Raspberry Pi too. That means you don’t necessarily need a PC running Raspbian Lite or something similar to use the VPN. Simply plug into your router, and you should soon see the icon appear within the settings menu.

Installation & Download ATOM VPN (Free)

To download the latest version of ATOM VPN, head to the App Store. Once downloaded, open the app and enter your details into the login page. Next, check the box next to Create an account and click Continue. Then scroll down the screen until you find the button labeled Join Now. Click this, select Accept License Agreement, and wait for the process to complete. Finally, tap Get Started to begin.

Once installed, launch the app and choose Start Free Trial. Enter your email address and password when prompted and agree to terms and conditions. A few moments later, you’ll receive a verification code which you must input before proceeding further. When done, tap Activate Device to finish setting up your first session.

Using ATOM VPN with your iOS device

Now that your device is ready to go, the next step is to connect to a server. To do this, tap either Settings or More near the top left corner of the screen. Here, make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi rather than Cellular Data. Scroll down to find Connections, followed by Show My Current Server. Tap this to view the list of servers located closest to your current location. Choose one and hit Done once satisfied.

Next, return to the main screen, and you’ll notice two icons towards the bottom of the screen labelled Status Bar and Menu Button. Hit Menu to reveal a new popup. From within this, tap Advanced Options and ensure Use Overlay View Mode is enabled. Doing this ensures the status bar remains hidden behind menus. At last, tap Exit to close the app.

Meanwhile, if you ever decide to change servers or modify certain settings, you can do so by returning to the main screen and tapping the appropriate tab. From here, you can toggle between different tabs covering preferences, advanced options, security, logging, and more.

Other Supported Devices

So far, we’ve looked exclusively at connecting to ATOM VPN on iOS devices; however, they actually support a number of other popular platforms, including Android, Windows 10 Mobile, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire tablets, among several others. Furthermore, given Apple’s recent decision to remove the ability for developers to easily add VPN functionality to their own apps, the company now requires all those wishing to distribute software offering encrypted communications to pay a $99/year fee. This essentially forces companies to buy commercial licenses for each individual user instead of selling licenses individually. Fortunately, ATOM VPN isn’t affected by this rule, thanks to being operated solely remotely. Therefore, feel free to try them out on your non-Apple gadgets as long as you keep your subscription active.

Furthermore, if you aren’t already aware, ATOM VPN has released a desktop client alongside its mobile counterpart. As with the smartphone app, this utility runs silently in the background and automatically connects you to whichever server you require. Unfortunately, the desktop client doesn’t yet come preinstalled on Windows machines, although it’s still in development. Instead, you’ll need to manually start the executable after installation. On macOS, launching the program is straightforward, and you can find it in the Utilities folder. Lastly, Ubuntu users can grab the DEB file from GitHub.

Finally, remember that ATOM VPN gives away a year’s subscription absolutely free if you refer a friend to the service! So, why not tell your friends about our website and help us spread the word? What better way to show off your appreciation of the product than having them join you on a trip around the world?!


Overall, Atom VPN is an excellent choice for anyone who hates ads and doesn’t mind paying monthly fees to maintain anonymity. Its ease of use, wide array of supported hardware, and generous trial period make it hard to fault. We highly recommend giving it a shot if you haven’t already done so. And remember, you may even discover that you love it enough to become a premium subscriber!

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[Solved] Everything You Wanted to Know About KLMS AGENT

KLMS Agent
KLMS Agent

If you use a Samsung smartphone, you may have noticed the KLMS agent app in the device admin section. For those asking what KLMS agent is and is KLMS agent spyware, this article is for you.

This article covers all you need to understand about the KLMS agent, including how to uninstall it if you no longer require it. You will undoubtedly have your doubts removed after reading this article. Don’t skip any of the sections in this article.

What is KLMS agent?

What is KLMS agent?

What is KLMS agent?
What is KLMS agent?

KLMS Agent is a system application that comes pre-installed with Samsung’s proprietary security framework, KNOX Security. KLMS Agent Samsung limits system access to those with authorized access.

For work-related data files on your Samsung device, it offers real-time device protection, user privacy, and increased productivity. It prevents all unauthorized users from accessing the system. The program is useful for securing your files, such as emails and other work-related applications.

In addition to data security, the application can help with the organizing task by allowing users to distinguish between business and personal tasks. The KLMS Agent app is also in control of data storage security and remote access to your Samsung phone in the event it is stolen or lost.

To protect data security, it can help you find the device, lock it, or erase your storage and personal data. It can only be found on Samsung devices that run on the Android operating system. The KLMS Agent’s data is saved in the Android com file com.samsung.klmsagent.

The KLMS agent app has been installed on over one billion devices, which speaks to how effective it is at protecting data storage and maintaining the software integrity of your device.

Features Of KLMS Agent

Software Integrity

Without a doubt, the origin of any software influences its security. Software is considered to be safe if it was downloaded from a licensed or reputable source. A fraudulent website would usually try to get around your security system by changing your device settings.

If any of these acts take place on your device, KLMS detects, identifies, and blocks them to protect your privacy.

Data Storage Protection

KLMS agent Samsung Knox provides insane encryption services that protect users’ sensitive data such as passwords, photos, credit card transactions, phone numbers, and emails, among other things. It encodes data in such a way that no one can change it; it excels at data storage security, and devices require this agent.

Network Protection

Hackers frequently use networks to harvest data from consumers. The data must pass across several networks to reach the receiver, including Wifi, cell phone data, and Bluetooth. There’s a potential that your data will be compromised throughout this procedure, but KLMS protects you in that case as well. It allows users to employ network encryption, which protects their data from hackers.

Permission Management

Some malicious apps try to access your screen, microphone, or camera even if your network is encrypted. By monitoring all of the apps on your phone in real-time, this security tool prevents illegal access to key components of your device.

Theft Protection

It protects your data from data thieves and gives data privacy protection. As a result, there will be no risk of data theft if your device is stolen or lost. This agent encrypts data, which can only be accessed with a correct pattern or pin lock. This means that no one else will be able to view the data. As a result, the data is still secure.

Restricts Device Features

It prevents a number of device functions that could be used by a third party to steal your data or compromise your privacy. It prevents the installation of apps from unknown sources.

You may have noticed that when you try to download an APK that isn’t available on the Google Play store, a popup appears. You can, however, override the default settings and allow third-party app installation. It also stops a user from utilizing screen capture tools.

Specialized User Experience

To optimize the user experience, some customers choose to have the Android KLMS agent installed on their smartphones. It can help you conceal unwanted alerts, extend the screen timeout, and keep your device from going into sleep mode while it’s charging.

While this may not be a major worry for some users, the Secure Android Platform is vital in most circumstances involving work-related information and duties.

Find My Device

Android KLMS Agent integrates with all of your Samsung smartphone’s functions that are important to locating your lost device. KLMS Agent works with Knox to help you find your device as quickly as possible once you’ve logged into your account.

Is KLMS agent spyware?

KLMS agent is not spyware. Businesses use it to manage their IT infrastructure because it is a valid system monitoring and administration solution. KLMS agent gives system administrators vital information on their systems’ health and performance, allowing them to troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively.

The KLMS agent software is a system app that protects your Android device from harmful threats attempting to obtain access to your device. The software keeps track of all activities on your device and notifies you if it detects anything strange or hazardous. It also works in tandem with other security measures on your smartphone to help keep you safe online.

Is KLMS agent a virus?

No, the KLMS Agent is not a virus. It is a component of Samsung’s KNOX security platform. It is a highly handy tool that securely keeps the user’s confidential work-related data and prevents unauthorized people from accessing it.

It is not a virus because it does not harm your device knowingly. To be sure, install an antivirus app or a malware detector and scan the KLMS Agent app.

Is Samsung Knox free?

Knox security features are available on all Samsung phones and are free of charge. Any user can get free Samsung Knox platform security for personal or corporate phones and tablets for proper management from external insurgencies.

It protects your phone from those attempting to harm your company through software modification, virus attacks, or network tracking. Knox security built into the phone will make the distinction between business and personal data safe.

Does the KLMS Agent use up system resources?

You will notice that the KLMS agent is not operating on the surface of your phone while using it. When you turn on your Android phone or device, the app is activated, but it is not running on the surface.

As a result, the software is clearly functioning in the background. As a result, many people consider the software to be bloatware. The KLMS agent of the KNOX platform captures your data in the background. It not only manages but also encrypts personal information. All of this is done while any unwanted access attempts are blocked.

As a result, the software will inevitably consume some system resources in order to do all of these complex tasks. The KNOX app, like any other mobile software, makes use of the Samsung device’s CPU and RAM.

The majority of Samsung device owners are annoyed by this waste of system resources. As a result, many individuals wonder if it is possible to remove the KLMS agent. The good news is that, like other bloatware apps, this agent app can be uninstalled.

Is it okay to uninstall the KLMS Agent App?

The KLMS agent is critical for keeping your data and network security and preventing hackers and viruses from compromising your files. You can, however, uninstall or stop KLMS at any time, just like any other application. Many individuals who are thinking about removing KNOX think it’s a virus, which it isn’t.

Deleting or removing KLMS from your devices puts your phone, work, and personal information into threats and attacks from malicious individuals and viruses. It’s best not to uninstall this app from your phone if you want to benefit from its security features fully.

How to uninstall KLMS?

Uninstall KLMS Agent (KNOX)
Uninstall KLMS Agent (KNOX)

There are two methods for removing the KLMS agent from your smartphone. The first method is to disable it with root access, while the second is to go to your device admin and remove the KLMS agent permanently.

Uninstall KLMS Agent (KNOX) without Root Access

  1. To begin, open the “KNOX” program on your Samsung device and then select “Settings.”
  2. The “Configuration KNOX” option must be selected, and the “Configuration KNOX” page will appear on the screen.
  3. Then choose “Uninstall KNOX” to remove the application from your system.
  4. You’ll also be asked if you want to backup your KNOX files; simply click the “Backup Now” option, then the “OK” button, and you’re done! The KNOX/KLMS agent has been successfully uninstalled from your device.

Uninstall KLMS Agent (KNOX) with Root Access

This is the most effective method for permanently uninstalling the KLMS agent. However, when deleting system programs from your phone, you should proceed cautiously. It is not recommended that you delete an important app from your device.

If you are not attentive, your phone may not work properly; therefore, be extra cautious and follow these procedures carefully:

Step 1: Back-Up

First, make a backup of your phone. You can back up your phone’s data on a computer or in the cloud, among other options. If you want to back up to the cloud, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Accounts & Sync” in your phone’s settings.
  2. Make sure you click “Auto-Sync Data” under the Accounts tab.
  3. Turn on the data you want to backup by tapping on Google.
  4. Go to the settings menu and select “Backup & Reset.” Depending on the size of your files, backing up could take several minutes.
  5. Lastly, make sure your data is backed up.

Step 2: Uninstalling The App

  1. You will need to download the “Titanium backup” application.
  2. Launch the app on your smartphone once it has been installed.
  3. When you search for “KNOX,” a list will show on the screen.
  4. You must pick all of the applications listed below and delete them:


KNOX Store

KLMS Agent

Knox Notification Manager

com.sec.Knox.events manager


To finish the removal procedure, reboot your phone.

How to root an android phone

If you’re having trouble uninstalling the app, rooting your device will give you more control and make the process much easier. If you have a newer model, though, you must root it. Here are some instructions if you do not know how to root your phone.

How to root your android device without a PC

Here are the procedures for rooting your Android handset without requiring a Windows PC and by using an Android app.

  • Step 1: On your Android device, download and install the Kingo Root app.
  • Step 2: Open the app and select “OneClickRoot” from the menu.
  • Step 3: The process of rooting will begin. You’ll have to wait for the rooting procedure to finish.

If rooting fails, you’ll have to connect your Android handset to a Windows computer and use an app to root it.

How to root your android device using a PC

If rooting through the Android app doesn’t work for you, you’ll have to root your device manually. To accomplish so, use the procedures listed below.

  1. On your device, open the Settings menu.
  2. After that, go to About phone and click on the system.
  3. Next, keep clicking on the “Build Number” until the “Developer” options appear.
  4. You must now enable “USB Debugging” and “OEM unlocking.”
  5. On your computer, download and install an app like Kingoroot.
  6. Link your Android Phone to your PC via the USB cord after installing Kingoroot.
  7. Now open the Kingoroot app and select “Root” from the menu.
  8. If you’ve rooted your device, remove it from the computer.

The techniques outlined above will allow you to root your device using a computer.


We hope that we have given an appropriate answer to what is KLMS agent and hope you don’t have any doubt regarding this system application. Many individuals believe that KLMS agent is spyware or malware. It’s nothing more than a security mechanism built into Samsung’s security system.

Some individuals may not like this because it depletes their device’s battery. It’s always a good idea to retain this pre-installed feature on your device to safeguard it from data breaches and to provide a more personalized experience.

There’s no requirement to uninstall them, but if you want to do so because you think they’re wasting system resources or cellular data, follow the steps we’ve provided.

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Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Photoshop Express
Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Photoshop Express

It is no secret that smartphone cameras today are capable of producing some truly stunning pictures. A great photo, however, is usually as much a product of the photo editing app, as it is a product of the camera itself. 

Apps like Mirror Lab for ios, for example, with its mirror effects and perspective distortion, can elevate a basic photo into a truly artistic one. Sadly, Mirror Lab is not available on the app store and iOS users naturally have to settle for an alternative.

Thankfully there are a handful of apps on the App Store that are just as effective as Mirror Lab. In fact, some are even more advanced and comprehensive. 

Below is a detailed list of apps capable of performing the same functions as Mirror Lab on the App Store.

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS (Alternatives)

1. Snapseed

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Snapseed
Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Snapseed

It would be extremely rare to find a serious list of the best photo editing software on iOS that doesn’t have Snapseed on it. It is one thing for a photo editor to have so many impressive features, it is another to be able to package those features into a neat, simple, and tidy exterior.

This is exactly what Snapseed has been able to pull off.

Just like Mirror Lab, this app is capable of adding a high level of artistry to your pictures. In fact we should add a warning that if you choose to give Snapseed a try, you may never go back to any other photo editor again.

2. PhotoRoom Studio

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Photoroom Studio
Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Photoroom Studio

Without a doubt one of the best photo editors on the App Store, PhotoRoom Studio is made for those who want to give their pictures a truly professional studio look. 

Thanks to its strong artificial intelligence, PhotoRoom can automatically perform difficult editing tasks in just a matter of seconds.

Desaturation, color splash, background removal, and background blur are just some of the functions you can perform easily with this app.

3. LightX

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS LightX
Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS LightX

A lesser-known app on the App Store, LightX offers a clean interface for photography enthusiasts looking to increase the quality of their pictures and introduce a significant deal of artistry to it. 

Of the numerous highlights that this application offers, perhaps the most notable is its speed and simplicity. Among some of its more advanced features is its ability to create cartoons and caricatures, change background, blur photos, merge multiple pictures, add splash effects, and apply multiple exposure effects among others.

4. Picsart Photo & Video Editor

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Picsart
Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Picsart

Picsart, like the name implies, is an app made for artists and creatives. Just like Mirror Lab, this application can bring your photo to life in a way very few others can.

With picsart you have access to multiple cleaning tools, background erasing effects, custom designer fonts, and a ton of free stock images.

You also get to enjoy retouching features that allow hair color changes, makeup-sticker addition, and so much more.

5. Photoshop Express

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Photoshop Express
Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Photoshop Express

Mirror Lab is known for its simple yet effective interface. In this regard, Photoshop Express also excels. It is just as incredibly easy to use, and many would argue that its final output rivals that of Mirror Labs.

Apart from its wonderful filters and automatic fixes, Photoshop Express is also notable for its collages, color and image enhancement, overlays, advanced healing, and dehazing.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – a list of the best apps like Mirror Lab for iOS. All of the apps above are capable of giving you the same artistic results that Mirror Lab can, and then some. Let us know below if you’ve ever made use of any of these apps, and what your experience of them is.

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How to Uninstall Max Security App in a Methodical and Hassle-Free Way?

how to uninstall max security app
how to uninstall max security app

This article will tell you how to uninstall max security app. The Max Total Security app is a Windows-based app that protects your phones and tablets from malware, spyware, and viruses and is one of the best that secures your device with loads of features. It keeps the device under your control and helps thwart any questionable data from filtering through into your phone, and improves the overall performance of your phone. It helps to keep your privacy and blocks several programs and applications that you may desire to keep out of reach of your children and outsiders. Since security is what it is designed for, the app is formidable in most areas where there is a possibility of losing personal data and other content. 

Although more powerful antivirus software is in the market, the Max security app is uniquely efficient when scanning even the most stealthy and powerful malware. Its anti-theft feature is especially helpful for using geo-location tools to spot your stolen phone anywhere. You can also lock your device remotely to make it double secure. In light of the above, you may still face some problems for which you may wish to uninstall the program or opt for a more powerful security app. For some users uninstalling the security app and then reinstalling it will improve their device efficiency. Below you will get an idea of how to uninstall max security app from your device. 

Uninstalling the Max Total Security App

While uninstalling the Max app, some users may find errors that do not seem to go away. It may be because of not following the proper steps while downloading the program. Again, it is important to uninstall the whole of the security app, and this includes all supplementary files or files that support it and remain hidden from view. Without a complete uninstall, you will have to face issues that can be more irritating and hinder and slow down your device.  

There are three options for you to remove the Max security app from your computer, and this is through a manual removal process, using the build-in-uninstaller, and the third by using third-party software. 

You can manually uninstall the Max Security app, although most computers have built-in installers for easy use. If you love to do things manually, you may try to remove the program using the Windows Add and Remove features. Firstly, you can start by clicking on the menu and going to Control Panel. It is here that you will spot the Max Secure Antivirus app. You need to click on the head Change/Remove so that you can start the next step to navigate to Uninstall Wizard and let the program get deleted from your device. 

You can also uninstall the Max Security app by using the build-in Uninstaller already on your computer. In some cases, the user may need to go to the folder which hosts the program and then spot the Uninstaller. In this case, you go to Start Menu and then go further to ‘All Programs’, where you will find Max Secure antivirus folder. Your next step is to spot the uninstall Wizard and click to uninstall the program. 

However, in both the above cases, you will find to your dismay that only the main app download is removed and not the hidden folders. In fact, other related programs, contents, files remain as they are or out of view. Therefore, you must remove all program traces, including the Trash, so while downloading another app or for seamless use of computers, there should be no lag in performance and efficiency. 

Uninstall Max Security App
Uninstall Max Security App

So what is the best way to get rid of all the files relating to the Max Security app? The best way is to find out all the entries or components of the program from Windows Registry Hive. It is mostly abbreviated or known as HKLM, and it contains specific information about the PC and its users. It contains information that is used while configuring the system. It may be for users and stores all relevant hardware and applications. Hence, you must spot the appropriate files from this Registry and remove them to make the Max files uninstall complete. You can do this with the help of the Registry Editor and become an expert on how to uninstall max security app.

Using Hassle-Free Third-Party Uninstaller

It is noteworthy that there is yet another way to uninstall the Max security app from your device. It can completely uninstall and dismantle the app so that there is no trace of other hidden files. Users can do this by downloading the online Uninstaller for Max security. It will be a simple and hassle-free journey as everything will be done automatically. 

There will be, as discussed above, certain files that can pose a lot of problems when you try to remove them manually. The app uninstall may not be the problem here, but files like executables with around 192 MB may create issues. If you are not careful, then the uninstall process will remain incomplete. It will create problems for new apps downloads, or your system may have slow performance. 

The executable files are Firewall Setup, KeyLoggerScanner, Gadget, and LaptopTracker. It is, therefore, better if you have chosen a good online installer to uninstall the max security app. But first of all, you must download the same into your system. It would help if you remained connected to the internet while the downloading was in progress. If there is an interruption on the internet, you will promptly get the message. If the same prolongs, you may need to postpone the download when things are running well. 

After downloading, you have to run the application how to uninstall max security app, or it will not install. A message on the window will show your ‘Uninstall’ and ‘Cancel’ button. You must click on the ‘Uninstall’ button, and then the uninstall process will resume. When you have finished the uninstall process, you must restart the device to see if everything is working normally and without hitches. Only then can you look around for a new security app that is among the best so that you can download the same safely. 

Max Security App
Max Security App

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How to Uninstall and Reinstall FFXIV Multiplayer GamePlay on Your PC?

How to Uninstall and Reinstall FFXIV
How to Uninstall and Reinstall FFXIV

This article will tell you how to uninstall and reinstall FFXIV. If you have the Final Fantasy XIV on your PC, desktop, or laptop, you may need to make more space, or perhaps the downloaded app has some viewing problems. In many cases, uninstalling an app like Final Fantasy XIV and then reinstalling the same again can remove the hidden issues completely. But before you start uninstalling FF XIV, you must have all the products to be registered with your Square Enix account. You must also focus on removing any trial run of the game you have on your desktop, as otherwise, the uninstall process will not occur properly. Again, there should be no pending payment and part downloads of the app when you start this process. You should look into the above points and clear up the matter so that you can become an expert on how to uninstall and reinstall FFXIV from your computer. 

As you know, Final Fantasy XIV is a multiplayer role-playing game that Square Enix has developed for online players. The theme is fully in the realm of fantasy, and the story unfolds in the fictional land of Eorzea. Each player in the game is a Time traveler character who needs to travel into the future to escape their destruction. Characters are played with God’s assistance and intuitive response to enemies and monsters. The software is powerful, and the download is 15 GB, and you get a level cap of up to 60 with a free trial, while for a paid version of the game, it is 80 levels. 

Uninstalling Final Fantasy XIV from your computer

It would help if you had a clear idea that all apps downloaded into your computer have their own set of caches, presets, applications, and other hidden files to completely remove the app. If there is a hitch in removing any of these files, you may have difficulty reinstalling the FFXIV onto your computer. Hence, your first step should be to clean up all traces of FFXIV, including associated files from your PC. 

If you are using Microsoft Windows, you will have to locate the Windows icon and then right-click on it. You then choose the ‘FFXIV app from the list of apps and then click on it. Your next step is to click on ‘Uninstall’ to remove the app. If you have some difficulty here, you may choose another option on how to uninstall and reinstall FFXIV from Windows. 

In this case, you click the Start Menu and select the Control Panel on the Windows desktop. You can also browse for Settings to find the Control Panel, and then your next step is to select ‘Add or Remove Programs’ or something like it and select or locate the FFXIV app and click on it. When you do so, the app is shown as the chosen one, and then you click on ‘Change/Remove, and you will find the uninstall process starting. If you see any prompts on your screen, you must follow them properly and any online alerts. 

When you uninstall the FFXIV app from your computer, you will find that the data stored in the ‘My Documents folder does not get removed. You, therefore, need to clean up the unnecessary files and associated files of the game from the folder so that you get to remove the complete app from your computer. It would help if you also cleaned up your Trash, so there is no error when you reinstall the gameplay. 

If you have any apprehension, like losing the earlier progress of the game during the uninstall process, you need to have no fear. The Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO, and this means that the developers store and save the server and all characters, etc., of the gameplay. 

Your next step is to uninstall. If you want to remove the game on your Mac, you need to go to the Applications Directory and select Final Fantasy XIV and then move it to Trash. It would help if you were careful not to remove game settings found in Library/Application Support.

how to uninstall and reinstall ffxiv
uninstall and reinstall FFXIV

Reinstalling the Final Fantasy XIV App

Before reinstalling the game, you must double-check that you have deleted all files relating to FFXIV, or there can be issues during downloads. You also need to clean up enough space on your hard disk so that you can reinstall the app easily. It is done by deleting files that take up a lot of storage and for which you have no need currently. When there is enough space, reinstalling the 15 GB app will not pose any problem. 

It is noteworthy that the same installation process is carried out for PC and Mac players. First, you need to place an order for the game and run the installer from your download. From time to time, instructions appear on the screen that you will have to follow. Finally, you will get a prompt to create a Square Enix account. The Square Enix account is the channel that you will use to log on to the game. 

You may find that you encounter an error during downloads, and this is because of problems in your network. It is seen that network issues can be an issue as client service will not respond. 

When you have a clean reinstall done, you may resort to third-party developers by enabling the add-ons in the launcher settings. You can select the third-party plug-in and get the maximum thrill out of the game when you do this. 

However, there can be issues when the game gets stalled for no apparent reason. It may be because you need to sign in to your administrator. You will have to login into Windows by signing as the administrator or right-click on the file to make it so. 

Again, the problem may have been caused by your firewall. It can suddenly stop data from reaching your PC, which means your download will stop. Hence, the best step is to switch off your firewall until the FFXIV app is downloaded completely. Once you know how to uninstall and reinstall FFXIV on your PC, you can start doing the same with other computers. 

uninstall FFXIV
uninstall FFXIV

FFXIV Launcher

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Why is Pocket Potions Off The App Store?

Why Is Pocket Potions Off The App Store
Why Is Pocket Potions Off The App Store

In this article, we will talk about why is Pocket Potions off the App Store. Games are much more than what we think they are. In 2018, a study revealed a possibility of a connection between neurons, and new connections are said to be formed during gaming across different genres. The process of playing a game was taught to be entertainment, and yet things have changed a lot. No longer do we have games as an entertainment option because there are people that have made a career out of gaming. They believe that gaming is the ultimate professional, and modern video and digital games have become more popular than traditional outdoor games. 

 If you are familiar with the genre of business management and strategy games, you would know about Pocket Portions. The best 2D game in this genre, and while it is no longer present on the play store, it is still the top game to be searched for online. The idea behind the game was that you are an ordinary businessman living in an alchemical world, where you inherited a fairy shop from your grandmother. When you inherited the shop, it was a tiny shop, and the idea behind the game was to turn that shop into a massive gallery. You build potions, and elixirs, depending upon the level of the game. 

Why is Pocket Potions off the App Store?

User Privacy is always the first priority of Apple Inc., and we all are aware of that. There are so many different types of apps that have been banned because they do not come under the normal rules and regulations of user privacy by Apple. Being the victim of this policy, Pocket Potions got removed from the official iTunes Store and Apple App Store. It is said that Pocket Potions also had many problems with its features and terms and conditions. It is no longer available in the United States, and there are rumors that the app’s website has been hacked. To keep an app whose website has been hacked is not something that Apple would do.

Games Like Pocket Potion To Play In 2022

Order Up!! To Go
Order Up!! To Go

The Supervillains studios created this game for both Android and iOS devices. It is a simulation game based on time management and strategy. All the games mentioned in this list are precisely like Pocket Potion, and if you enjoyed playing Pocket Potion, you would love to play this game. Like you had your shop in Pocket Potions, you would have your small restaurant in this app. It is the journey of a chef from the streets to becoming one of the most reputed celebrity chefs in the world. You have to discover new recipes and cook various things depending upon the different levels. You would also have to collect money from your customers and gain stars to build your reputation. 

Biz Builder Delux
Biz Builder Delux

This is a classic time management and single-player game that is developed by Kairosoft for both iOS and Android devices. This is a traditional business builder game, where you would have to advance your business. We like this game because it gives me choices to start, whether we have to choose which business among the three present by default. You would have to earn money by selling and buying products, and always keep yourself in profit. A good advantage of playing this game is that kids would understand the basic idea behind profit and loss. You would also have money to invest into other businesses as well. If you have played games like Biz Builder Deluxe before, then you will enjoy it. Gamers with no knowledge of games like this will have to spend some time learning it first. 

Cafeteria Nipponica
Cafeteria Nipponica

By the name itself, you can understand what type of game it would be. It is developed by the same company that developed Biz Builder Deluxe, and it is available for all major platforms. This game focuses on the aesthetic part of gaming rather than the business model. You will get a restaurant to start from, where it would be your own coffee shop. The coffee shop that is simulated in the game is completely redesigned, and you can add or subtract various things from the shop to design it according to your wishes. You would also have to balance between keeping your customers happy and also keeping your staff happy. Although you do have to make regular choices regarding the recipes of your restaurant, every other would be done by your staff. Being a manager, you have to look at all things being done at your restaurant.

Restaurant Empire II
Restaurant Empire II

This game, produced by Enlight Software Limited, is set to be one of the best games in strategy and restaurant building. The name itself suggests that you would have to build your restaurant empire to succeed in the game. The first version of the game is also available on the app store; however, it is said to have fewer features than its advanced counterpart. The game takes place in a fantasy world like every other game in this genre, but locations like Paris, Rome, and Los Angeles show real-time output. You would have to build your empire from scratch by keeping your staff and your customers happy. You will get to play different modes and complete various tasks in the game so that nothing will get repeated. Most of the time, games like these get very repetitive because of the fact that they have to rely on constant clicking. However, this game has other branches, and you also open several coffee shops and bakeries, apart from building your restaurant empire. 

Final Words

We all remember the game that we played on the first device that is given to us by our peers. Pocket Potion is precisely that type of game, and it had millions of downloads. We personally played the game very often, and we loved to brew new potions as well. However, other games provide the same experience as well. In the above list, games where you would have to build your own empire, whether it is a business empire or a restaurant empire, aligns with the genre of pocket potion. Try out these games, and you will surely forget pocket potions.

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How to Uninstall Yahoo Mail and Reinstall the Same Quickly?

How to Uninstall Yahoo Mail and Reinstall
How to Uninstall Yahoo Mail and Reinstall

In this article, you will learn how to uninstall yahoo mail and reinstall it. Generally, people uninstall their mail service only when they face issues in mailing services. As most of their contacts are stored in Yahoo, it is natural that you cannot do without your Yahoo mail, and hence you may find it a little heartbreaking. Deleting your Yahoo mail account from your device would mean that it will remove all your emails, and you will lose your account. Apart from this, you also lose out on several services from Yahoo. It can be devastating if you don’t have another email service to resort to, as most people have more than one email service for communicating with their contacts. 

However, you can clear up several issues with your Yahoo email if you have an idea of how to uninstall yahoo mail and reinstall the same speedily so that you can continue using its services. Not only will it fix up irritating issues, but it will make your Yahoo email seamless and better. 

Uninstalling Yahoo Mail from Your Device

Firstly, you need to know whether your Yahoo mail has been installed from a Web browser or the same has been downloaded from an App Store application. To get an idea about this, you click on Settings that appear on the screen. After tapping on Settings, you click Mail and go to ‘Contacts’ and then ‘Calendar.’ Here, you tap Yahoo at the top and look for the table to find rows. At ‘Version Note,’ you will find the Yahoo Mail listed. If so, it means that your Yahoo mail has gotten installed through the Apple Store. 

If it is not in the App Store, it means that Yahoo has been installed from the web browser. You then start with steps that will uninstall Yahoo mail. 

First, you need to go to Yahoo Homepage and click on the Yahoo Mail icon. While doing so, you get to the Mail Page of Yahoo. The next step is to click on the Settings tab at the top right hand of the Mail Page on Yahoo. You will be able to locate the applications list in the General Section, and when you find this, you need to click ‘Uninstall,’ which is found next to Yahoo Mail App. You will get a confirmation prompt to either uninstall the Yahoo Mail completely or restart the same. If you have restarted, you will find the Yahoo Mail app icon on the Yahoo Homepage again, and you can click here to start using Yahoo Mail once again. 

However, if you have uninstalled the Yahoo Webmail app, you need to log out of all browsers. You must take a little caution and change the passwords of associated logins soon after this is done. If not, you risk losing your data to outsiders through cached information that becomes easily accessible to them. Again, the third parties may also access data through computer settings and cookies. To avoid this, you may find out about the third-party software you have installed by going to App Store and then clicking Preferences and viewing details on Web Apps. 

Uninstalling Yahoo Mail from Your Device
Uninstalling Yahoo Mail from Your Device

If you want to know how to uninstall yahoo mail and reinstall it on your PC, you may take the following steps. 

You can go to Settings, click on Apps, and look for apps and features. You will soon get to view the Mail application of Yahoo from the list of other apps on your desktop or PC. You need to click the ‘Uninstall’ button, and the process will start. After the app has been uninstalled, you may go to the Microsoft Store and again download and reinstall the Yahoo Mail app. 

Reinstalling Yahoo Mail on your computer or PC is pretty straightforward. However, it would help if you weren’t confused with uninstalling and deactivating your Yahoo Mail account. Here, you don’t lose your data as Yahoo Mail will let your recover any account that you had deactivated. Nevertheless, you will lose immediate access to your data, contents, emails, calendars, email folders, Yahoo Finance portfolios, Flickr photos, and Yahoo Fantasy Team. However, you will recover all these if you reactivate your Yahoo account within thirty days. If you fail to do so, the official site for Yahoo will remove your registration once for all. To recover your deleted Yahoo login, you will have to immediately sign in to the site within thirty days. 

Using Updated Yahoo Mail Version

You must have uninstalled Yahoo Mail from your device because you sometimes find Yahoo not working properly. It will do you a lot of good if you didn’t hurry to uninstall as the problem may lie elsewhere. If you see such issues, the cause may be because of the internet. To remove this problem, you must be using a browser compatible with your Yahoo account. It may be Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge that you often find compatible with your Yahoo account. Again, the problem may be due to an outdated Yahoo Mail app that you have been using for generations. Therefore, it is high time to update the same if yours is still an old version and see whether the latest version gets rid of the problems. If it doesn’t do so, you may then resort to uninstall process and then reinstall your Yahoo Mail app. In both cases, you must get rid of the caches and other apps it has opened. 

In some cases, the problem may be related to your internet connection in your area, for currently, Yahoo Mail is working fine in most places. The updated version of Yahoo that you can reinstall and start on your PC is a great improvement on the earlier version and includes the custom viewing of a certain type of message. You also get access to Yahoo’s New Service. In any case, it is always good to have an idea about how to uninstall yahoo mail and reinstall it for future purposes. 

Using Updated Yahoo Mail Version
Using Updated Yahoo Mail Version

Overall the latest Yahoo is pretty good, and it keeps your data and communications secure. You can also customize your email account to get the tasks done in the best way out of this site. 

Top 15 Best Camera Apps For Mi A2 In 2022

Best Camera Apps For Mi A2
Best Camera Apps For Mi A2

This article will discuss the best camera apps for mi A2. Camera apps play an important role these days because everyone loves posting their photos and videos on social media. Be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, every smartphone owner posts something on these networks. Without a good camera app, it is not possible to get the best quality photos and videos. While the stock camera apps on every smartphone come with necessary functions, there are some third-party camera apps available that can give you extra advanced features to increase your overall image and video capturing experience.

If you own Mi A2, which is actually a very good Google stock Android OS device, then you might be looking for some camera apps for it. The advantage Android users get over iOS users is being able to download and install APK apps from third-party and external websites to their devices. Although the nature of APK files is universal and you can install them anywhere, there are many camera apps for Mi A2 that are available on the Google Play Store too. You don’t have to visit any forum, website, or service to get these apps. Simply use the link mentioned here or search the app on the Play Store to get them.

1. Camera FV – 5 Lite

Camera FV – 5 Lite
Camera FV – 5 Lite

Enhance the quality of your Mi A2 camera with the Camera FV- 5 Lite app. This app will help you improve various exposure settings, for example, ISO, white balance, light-metering focus, shutter speed, etc. Camera FV – 5 offers free and paid versions depending on your needs. Capture professional and amazing photos using this camera app. This app can be used by novice users, too, and all of the options are easily visible to the users.



VSCO is also a good option for Mi A2. VSCO offers various features that include Transform video with mobile editing, Advanced filmy presets, and other professional techniques and tricks.

Your photography will jump to the next level with this app; also, the filters available on VSCO make your photos look more realistic and add life to them. Not only photos, but you can also edit your video using this fantastic app.

3. Camera360 – Editor + Selfies 

Camera360 – Editor + Selfies
Camera360 – Editor + Selfies

Become a pro photographer with Camera 360. This app is very well known for pro photography. Camera 360 offers a huge range of special effects of every type. Together with its use for photography and editing, this app is fun to use because of its features that include Funny Augmented Reality Strikers. Not just that, numerous filters are available for enhancing the quality of your photos. You will be able to make changes with contrast, saturation, and white balance as well. Although you probably face a little difficulty in understanding its features, once you explore it you will enjoy it.

4. Simple Camera

Simple Camera
Simple Camera

The Simple camera app helps to capture photos and record videos very easily. You can switch the camera back and front. The simple camera offers many other settings that make your captures and edits more personal, like – a flashlight, you can turn it on and off according to your needs, the screen can zoom in and out as this app is free, so only basic features are available on a Simple camera. The user interface is simple, as its name suggests. You can enhance basic features of an image like color, filter, and so on.

5. Motion Stills

Motion Stills
Motion Stills

This camera offers many different options and is better than the standard camera app. Motion stills is a good camera app for Mi A2. If you are looking forward to making a still video then this app is the best option for that. This app is handy for making loop videos stabilizing fast-forward videos after recording; just save them to either video or gif formats; if you don’t want that, then direct sharing on social media option is also available. 

6. Retrica


This app is very popular as presently, people like to use filters in their photos, and filters of Retrica are mind-blowing. This app is best for those filter lovers; Retrica is full of real-time and amazing filters and is easily changeable just with a swipe aside. Photos captured using this camera app don’t need any further editing.

Try the vast range of Retrica filters on your Mi-A2.

7. Fabby


Fabby, a fabulous camera app, helps to capture photos with Bokeh mode and blur background. Fabby uses AI technology that helps to make your background blur also; the best thing about this feature is that blurriness is manually adjustable. Well, you won’t really know about the Fabby app’s amazing features unless you download it on your Mi A2 device yourself and try it out.

8. Vector Camera: Real-Time Alienation

Vector Camera Real-Time Alienation
Vector Camera Real-Time Alienation

This camera app offers interesting post-processing vector effects. Even though many apps have live vectorization featured, the main benefit of this app is this feature. Your images will transform into artistic design after this effect. Primarily it is used for recording movies and capturing images with unique effects. Unlike other apps, the Vector camera app is not used for capturing regular photos without applying the effect. Images captured by this app are shown in the preview section. The battery consumption of this app is low. You can customize existing effects after changing the color of the background. It offers you to capture High-quality photos together with HQ mode.

9. Proshot


Proshot helps you to record pro videos and shoot amazing pictures on your Mi A2 or any other android. This app is full of exciting features for taking better clicks; some of them are Change camera Resolution, one-finger zooming, Adjustable Image qualities, and so on. If there is some sort of space issue or any other because of which you need a light app, then go for it. Note:- free version is not available yet.

10. Manual Camera

Manual Camera
Manual Camera

If you don’t have a DSLR, then download its proxy from the play store in the form of this Manual camera. The features and settings of this camera app are more like a DSLR. You can adjust the exposure manually; if lighting conditions are not well enough, then you can manage it through adjusting ISO and focus, and many other professional features are available in this app. Give it a try for basic professional photography. 

11. Shotlight


This app is new on the play store and offers various features like Zooming, Manual Controls, Shutter speed (this is needed while shooting pictures in motion), and also video mode is available. It works well with iBlazr flash and offers many other manual settings. Now take selfies like a pro on your Mi A2 with this Shotlight camera app.

12. Open Camera

Open Camera
Open Camera

This app offers many features for free. This camera app is viral among serious photographers. It has natural professional features, which include manual camera controls, timer, HDR, exposure bracketing, and so on. This app is one of the best options available for both videographers and photographers. As mentioned earlier, Open Camera is free. Although there is an option available for donation if you wish to support the makers.

13. ProCam X

ProCam X
ProCam X

This app is also new on the play store but moderately performs a good job. It offers various professional features and focuses on being more professional instead of a normal camera. ProCam X has a burst mode, support for 4k video recording, facial recognition, and support for RAW as well. Besides this, manual control options are also available only if your device permits; you can switch off the sound of the shutter, and else focus mode or scene mode are also available. This app offers a premium version as well for experiencing all the professional features available on it also the premium is not so expensive.

14. Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera
Bacon Camera

Initially, this app feels like any other regular camera, but after exploring everything, you will get to know its pro features like manual controls, focus, white balance, exposure, ISO, and many more. Also, it supports RAW DNG together with JPEG. It offers support for manual control for devices that don’t support Google’s Camera2 API. Its other features are- GIF panorama mode. This app is exceptionally good, and the premium version available for this app is cheap. But there is an issue with update support except that this app is impressive.

15. HedgeCam 2

HedgeCam 2
HedgeCam 2

This is an open-source version. The simple features, together with some unique features, make this app very interesting to use. This app also offers manual controls for every picture you click. Not only this, but you can also adjust HDR and DRO (dynamic range optimization) photo modes according to your needs. Don’t forget to take advantage of the face detection support of the HedgeCam app. However, the features and interface require hassle to understand and use properly. But once you do, your android Mi A2 will become your DSLR.

Final Words

There are plenty of camera apps for Mi A2 and other Android devices available out there, but not all of them are as good as the apps mentioned on this page. In case you are looking for some camera apps for the Mi A2 phone, then you can download them without thinking twice as they are already being used by thousands of people.

We will keep adding more and updating this post with more camera apps for Mi A2 devices, so bookmark this page or visit it often to know about them. If you have sideloaded camera apps on Mi A2 or know about apps that are compatible with this device, then you can let us know about them so we can have a look too at those apps.

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