NativeDropBoxAgent App | What Is NativeDropBoxAgent & How To Use It

Many apps like Nativedropboxagent and services in mobile apps won’t appear in the list of installed applications but are necessary to keep your mobile phone up and running. Every manufacturer installs some services and apps that run in the background and sometimes cause issues. While most are for easy operations, some might misbehave with other installed applications, and users can face problems. Recently, we came across one such app named “NativeDropBoxAgent,” and we have seen a lot of people on the internet asking about this app. That is why we help users solve issues with the NativeDropBoxAgent app.

In this post, you can find all possible information about the NativeDropBoxAgent app, along with the necessary steps to tackle this app. Generally, this NativeDropBoxAgent app or service can be found on Motorola and Samsung mobile devices, but other devices might have it. If you think this pre-installed app is causing issues on your device, you can force stop or disable it to check if it is NativeDropBoxAgent or some other app causing the issues. So, without wasting more time, let’s learn more about the NativeDropBoxAgent app and how you can use this app to increase your device’s performance.

What Is NativeDropBoxAgent?

There’s no particular use for the NativeDropBoxAgent app or service. At least, we didn’t know about its use, but because it comes pre-installed on the devices as bloatware, you won’t be able to uninstall it. Even after using third-party uninstaller apps, getting rid of this app is impossible. Furthermore, since the NativeDropBoxAgent service runs in the background, it might sometimes eat up a lot of battery, and many users complain about such issues. You can disable this app from the settings menu, or if your device is rooted, you can uninstall it completely from the device.

Issues That Can Be Caused By NativeDropBoxAgent App
Issues That Can Be Caused By NativeDropBoxAgent App

Common Issues That NativeDropBoxAgent App Can cause

Although NativeDropBoxAgent won’t cause any issues with your Android device or apps installed on it, sometimes it can drop your battery or RAM while it is running. In addition, there are a few more cases reported by the users where, while NativeDropBoxAgent was running in the background, the read/write speed of the Android phone was low. Here are a few issues caused by the NativeDropBoxAgent app or service on Android devices:.

  • Too much battery usage and drainage. It may affect your battery life. 
  • Consuming a lot of memory.
  • Reduced storage reading and writing limits.
  • The problem is uninstalling various apps.

How To Disable NativeDropBoxAgent| How To Uninstall NativeDropBoxAgent App

Some users have reported that NativeDropBoxAgent is causing massive battery drain in their devices, and if you are among them, you can consider disabling or uninstalling this app. You can disable almost any unwanted application by going into the Android Settings app and then listing installed applications on your device. To uninstall the NativeDropBoxAgent service, you will have to get root access, which is possible only when you have rooted your device. If you are using a non-rooted Android device, then you can disable or force-stop the NativeDropBoxAgent app from getting rid of the issues related to it.

Method #1: Disable NativeDropBoxAgent Application

It is very easy to disable NativeDropBoxAgent, and you can do that right from the Settings menu. Below, we have posted a step-by-step procedure to disable the NativeDropBoxAgent app. You can follow this method to disable NativeDropBoxAgent and other Android applications.

  • First of all, open Android Settings.
  • Now, click on Apps to open the list of installed applications.
  • Click on the three dots and tap Show System Apps.
  • Scroll down and find NativeDropBoxAgent in the list.
  • Tap on the NativeDropBoxAgent, and a new page will appear.
  • Click on the Disable button to disable the app from running.
Disable NativeDropBoxAgent App
Disable NativeDropBoxAgent App

Method #2: Force Stop NativeDropBoxAgent Service

A force stop will stop the NativeDropBoxAgent from running while your device is on. If you restart your device, the NativeDropBoxAgent will start again at the boot. Disabling the app will keep it disabled until you start it again manually. So, forcing a stop is a better way to keep your device secure. This will help you know the real use of NativeDropBoxAgent or find out if it works with any other service or app. 

  • Open Android device Settings and click on Apps.
  • Now tap on the three dots and click on Show System Apps.
  • Below are some apps. You will find the NativeDropBoxAgent app in the list.
  • Click on its name to open more options for it.
  • Click on Force Stop, and the app will be stopped.
  • To start this app again, you will have to restart your device.
Force Stop NativeDropBoxAgent Service
Force Stop NativeDropBoxAgent Service

Method #3: Boot Your Device Into Safe Mode

Booting a device in Safe Mode means running only necessary apps and background services. Safe Mode restricts unnecessary visuals, performance, and other things to launch at the boot. This will help you understand more about the NativeDropBoxAgent app and what apps are affected by it. It is very easy to boot an Android device in Safe Mode, and the process remains the same for all. Here’s how you can boot Android devices in safe mode to see if NativeDropBoxAgent is the real cause of battery drain and massive RAM usage.

  • First of all, you will have to power off your device either by using the power button or by using any app.
  • Now, hold the Power On button and wait until the logo appears.
  • Once the logo appears, keep holding the Power button until you see a Safe Mode icon on the screen.
Boot Your Device Into Safe Mode
Boot Your Device Into Safe Mode
  • The user confirmation is necessary, so you can click on Safe Mode to confirm your choice.
  • Use your Volume Up/Down keys to select an option and boot the device into Safe Mode.
NativeDropBoxAgent Safe Mode
NativeDropBoxAgent Safe Mode

Method #4: Uninstall NativeDropBoxAgent App [Root Needed]

Rooting your device means gaining root access to your device and system apps. It is not recommended to root your Android device while it is in warranty or when you don’t have enough knowledge of it. Rooting can cause permanent damage, and you must do it with someone who knows how to reverse changes if something goes wrong. Depending on the model you are using, you can search for a root guide and root your device. Here’s how you can uninstall NativeDropBoxAgent after rooting your device:.

  • You will have to download two apps, System App Remover and Titanium Backup, on your device.
  • Allow these apps to scan for the installed applications.
  • Take a full backup of your device using the Titanium Backup app.
  • Now use the System App Remover and open the Apps page.
  • Scroll down and click on the NativeDropBoxAgent app from the list.
  • Tap Uninstall and wait until the app uninstalls it for you.
  • Don’t forget to restart your device once the app is uninstalled to make changes.

Final Words

So, we have told you much about the NativeDropBoxAgent app, and we think now you can get rid of this app. But unfortunately, even on the Motorola and Samsung forums, there’s not much information about the NativeDropBoxAgent service available. So, we assume that it is just a background process that does not serve any major purpose. 

Before uninstalling the NativeDropBoxAgent app, make sure to disable or force-stop it so you can check if some other services or apps have stopped working because of it. If so, you can re-enable or restart this service to get your device back on track. If you still have questions about the NativeDropBoxAgent app or are facing any issues uninstalling or disabling this app, you can contact us for help.

What Is NativeDropBoxAgent On My Phone?

Do not think of the NativeDropBoxAgent app as a service related to the Dropbox (cloud service) application. Both are different, and the NativeDropBoxAgent service is related only to Android devices, specifically Motorola and Samsung mobile and tablet devices. You can disable or force-stop this app without any issues.

Can you Safely Delete NativeDropBoxAgent?

Even though we will not recommend you to delete or uninstall the NativeDropBoxAgent app, you can do it only if you have a rooted Android device. Non-rooted Android device users will only be able to disable or force stop this app and not uninstall it. In addition, according to some reports, this app is necessary for some sensors to work properly, so you must not delete it.

Is NativeDropBoxAgent Virus?

NO. NativeDropBoxAgent is not a virus because it comes pre-installed on many Android devices. This app can be seen in many app logs and even in the battery consumption report. Your device is completely safe by having it, and you don’t have to worry about it accessing anything on your Android device as long as you don’t interfere in its working.

Does NativeDropBoxAgent Track User Activities?

As we said above, NativeDropBoxAgent is related only to some sensors so that it won’t affect your device usage. This app or service won’t ask for any permissions, so it can’t access anything on your device like messages, contacts, location, storage, camera, etc. Your data is completely safe from this app, so you can either keep it installer or, if you want to get rid of it, then disable/force stop it.

How To Update NativeDropBoxAgent App?

Since NativeDropBoxAgent is related to the system apps, you can’t update it manually. This app can be updated only by the device manufacturer via system updates. When a system update is available for your device, you can read about it to check if any update is available for it or not.

I hope the article helped you to resolve your NativeDropBoxAgent App problem. If you have a problem with your Osulogin, you can check this out here. 

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