[Solved] – Why is my Cash App Black?

Cash App is currently one of the best apps to make payments, store your money, and even earn quick cash. About a million users use the Cash App daily, multiplying the numbers. If you are using it too, you already know about all the good things about the Cash App. Even though the app is updated very frequently and the Cash App developers pay real attention to fixing bugs, there are still many issues. For example, we’ve seen a lot of Cash App users experiencing black screen or white screen problems, and there are very few websites talking about it. If you face a Cash App black-screen problem, you’ve landed on the correct page.

Lots of people ask why my cash app is black. We try to solve every Cash App user’s issues and do the same in this post. We have tested this app ourselves and asked a couple of users to follow the fixes we’ve found. You will fix the Cash App black screen problem by following these methods. We’ve mentioned every possible way to get rid of the Cash App black screen problem, from basic to advanced. Apart from Cash App, you can also follow these app fixing methods to fix other apps black screen problems. Also, remember that we do not recommend downloading any third-party app or software to fix the Cash App black screen problem. 

Why is my Cash App black?

Since every other app and service offers dark mode, so does Cash App. This can be just another reason you are getting a dark screen or black screen in the Cash App. You can enable Cash App dark mode from the app settings if you want, and the process remains the same for both Android and iOS devices. Follow Cash App dark mode, allowing the steps mentioned below to get it done.

How To Enable Cash App Dark Mode On Android

Open your Cash app and then go to its Settings.

Click on the Display/Theme option.

Select Dark Mode and toggle the option to ON.

Enable Cash App Dark Mode On Android
Enable Cash App Dark Mode On Android

Your app will turn into Dark Mode.

You can repeat the same steps and toggle the option to OFF to turn off Cash App dark mode.

How To Enable Cash App Dark Mode On iOS

Open the Cash App on an iOS device and go to the Accounts tab.

Now, click on Settings and then on Display and Brightness.

You can now select between light mode and dark mode.

Enable Cash App Dark Mode On iOS
Enable Cash App Dark Mode On iOS

Automatic Mode will automatically apply Dark Mode after a specific time.

How Do I Fix the Cash App Black Screen Problem?

Method #1: Wait For Some Time or Try Logging In Again

How To Fix Cash App Black Screen Problem
How To Fix Cash App Black Screen Problem

The simplest solution to the Cash App black screen problem is to wait while the problem gets fixed itself. Often, the Cash App servers do not respond to the app, and users might get a black screen error. So, it would help if you waited for a couple of hours before trying again. Another quick fix to the Cash App black screen problem is logging out and logging in again in the app. The Cash App cache might affect the app’s functionality, so you can log out of the app, close the app, and log back in again to see if the problem is fixed. If not, then you can use the Cash App black screen fixes mentioned below.

Method #2: Clear CashApp Cache

As we said above, the Cash App cache can block the app from accessing necessary services. This will stop users from using the app and working properly. The best way to fix the Cash App black screen problem is by clearing the Cash App cache and the Cash App data. It is a very safe method, and none of your files or other app’s data, including Cash App’s data, will be affected by following this. Another good thing here is that you can also use this method to fix problems associated with other apps. We have listed the steps for Android devices, and they are pretty different on iOS devices, so you can refer to any app’s cache clearing method for iOS and follow the same to straightforward Cash app’s cache on iOS.

Clear CashApp Cache
Clear CashApp Cache
  • Open the Android Settings app and then Applications.
  • Click on the Cash App from the list of installed applications.
  • As we are clearing the cache, you will have to tap on the storage option.
  • Then, click on Clear Cache.
  • Close the Settings app and open the Cash app.

Try using it, and your Cash App black screen problem will now be gone. If not, then you can try clearing Cash App data as well. Repeat the same steps, and instead of clicking on Clear Cache, click on Clear Storage in the Cash App’s settings.

NOTE: If you have cleared the Cash App’s data, you will have to log in again in the app as all data associated with the app will be removed from your device’s storage.

Method #3: Restart Your Device

Restarting a device can solve many issues, including the Cash App black screen error. Restarting causes the apps and services running in the background to close forcefully and start again normally. This helps in resetting mistakenly applied settings and options. Everyone knows how to restart a device, so we won’t get deep into it. Regardless of the device you are using, Android or iOS, restarting may fix the Cash App black screen problem. Although clearing Cash App data and cache will make it run like a new app, restarting will shut down the background processes related to Cash App and help you fix other issues.

Method #4: Check Your Network Connection

Sometimes the network connection might not work with the Cash App, so it is better to check if it is working. You can either manually disconnect/connect the internet again to your device or reset the Cash App network preferences to start it all over again. This will surely fix your Cash App black screen problem.

Check Your Network Connection
Check Your Network Connection

Cash App network problems can occur even while sending or receiving the payments, so you can also use this method to fix that issue. If that does not solve your Cash App black screen issue, then you can switch to mobile data if using Wi-Fi or switch to Wi-Fi if using mobile data. Consider changing your SIM cards, too, in case of a network error.

Method #5. Update/Download Cash App Latest Version

If the methods mentioned above didn’t solve the Cash App black screen problem, you can update Cash App or download the latest version to install the updates manually. Since the newest Cash App version comes with the latest fixes to bugs, it will solve your problem if you use an older version with such bugs. You can use the official website, app store, or even a Cash App APK download link to update your app. Before doing that, make sure to log out of the current installed Cash App and delete all of its data stored in your device’s storage. This will do a clean install of the Cash App.

Method #6. Contact The Cash App Support

Last but not least way of fixing the Cash App black screen problem is by using its support team. You can use the app to open a support ticket and ask the team to investigate the matter themselves. Don’t forget to write in detail about the issue and get the black screen in Cash App. If you cannot use the Cash App to submit your support ticket, you can use the Cash App website to contact the support. The Cash App’s website support page has got a lot of detailed articles about the same, which you can read to find some other working solutions. The official Cash App support page is linked below:


Contact The Cash App Support
Contact The Cash App Support

Final Words

We have shared some working methods to fix Cash App black screen problem in Android and iOS devices. You won’t need any assistance in resolving Cash App black screen problem as we have mentioned all steps clearly above in this post. Therefore, there are very few chances that you might need to contact the Cash App support for this, but if so, mention the Cash App black screen problem.

This will also help other users because if this is a bug, the Cash App developers can fix it. We have tried to mention Cash App black screen possible fixes in this post, and you will be able to solve this issue by following these methods. Cash App problems can be discussed on their official website or contact us.

I hope the article helped you to resolve your black Cash App problem. If you have a problem with your NativeDropBoxAgent App, you can check this out here. 

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