Best Cricket Prediction Apps on Android to Try Your Luck

Today in this article, we will discuss the best cricket prediction apps on Android. Like all other games, cricket gets more interesting as you watch out for the results between two teams, and even more so when you are challenging your friends on the final outcomes of the match that is being played. It takes excitement to the level where you feel no monotony and every move becomes as amazing as when the game started. However, there are several apps that you may download to watch the game’s progress. Yet many apps do not give you the uninterrupted experience that you desire or may fall short of their promises.

If you are a beginner, you may find that you need to have basic knowledge and some details about the cricket matches played. All apps are best suited for knowledgeable players or sports lovers and are done by predicting winners. Ultimately, you win if you can predict the probability of the outcome of a match or the options available in the game with accuracy using a little intuition. It is noteworthy that the probability of your winning and losing depends upon your knowledge of cricket and the various options available on the game site.

You may therefore download the five best cricket prediction apps on Android so that you never face any problem watching a good game. These apps are easy to install and possess several features to make each game memorable and provide you with tips. These apps are best for Android phones, and you will get their details in subsequent paragraphs.

Basic Knowledge of the Game and Some Luck

It would be better if you had a fair idea about which teams are playing and the names of each player. But more importantly, you must know the history of each player and the team. It means you ought to have good information about how each player performs and has played in the previous seasons and matches. In cricket, you must also have a fair idea about how much influence the batting orders have on players, the weather conditions, whether they are good starters or finishers, or who is the best performer under pressure, even if you are using the best cricket prediction app on Android. Again, the match may be favorable to one team if they are playing on their home turf or if a team has won the toss.

Apart from all these, the future outcome of a cricket match may greatly turn against one team if some of their good players have sustained injuries or have been called off from the ground. Those who are good at playing after downloading the app have thorough knowledge about scores of each player in previous matches, the number of half-centuries and centuries they made, their best performances, and the reasons why they couldn’t perform well in some games, their current physical fitness, etc.

In some apps other than those with live streaming, you will create a virtual dream team of real-life players. It is almost similar to real-world matches but has added attraction in a fantasy world. The team that scores the most points is the winner.

Top Best Cricket Prediction Apps on Android

1. Fantasy Dream 11 App

Top Best Cricket Prediction Apps on Android
Top Best Cricket Prediction Apps on Android

The Fantasy Dream 11 app is one of the most popular cricket apps in the world. It is also the oldest and perhaps the most trusted app, and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t know of this app if they love playing virtual cricket. The user base of this site is very high, and it is estimated that over 20 million people play this game on a daily average.

There is an option for beginners to enter free leagues to get accustomed to the games. When you have garnered enough knowledge, you may go to higher levels of cricket matches and tournaments to earn some money.

2. Cric Champ App

Best Cricket Prediction Apps
Best Cricket Prediction Apps

Cric Champ is one of the best apps you can find for your virtual play live streaming challenges, and it is one of the fastest-growing apps. It has some awesome features, and you can predict toss and game outcomes for all matches. You have the IPL Live Score Line, ball-by-ball score commentary, and the fastest live cricket app. You can set your prediction on several options and make some money out of it. It is a pretty simple and easy-to-use app and gives you fabulous experience and information, like a complete breakdown of IPL score results.

The app is currently the top-rated site in India as it is fast and accurate.

3. Possible11™ Dream11 Prediction

Best Cricket Prediction Apps Android
Best Cricket Prediction Apps Android

Possible11 is usually regarded as the best fantasy prediction app for cricket and several other sports. It provides live scores and gives excellent Fantasy Tips on domestic and international cricket matches and other sports. You get easy special coverage for Dream 11 IPL Matches and get enough information, including details of upcoming Cricket Matches and Leagues, tips from experts, player reports from each match, etc. It is also an app to get complete information from experts worldwide.

You are also at liberty to publish your contest codes on the app and, along with it, display contest size, entry fee, winning amount, and so on. In short, it is a comprehensive app for people of all ages.

4. Cricket.com for Cricket Live Score

Cricket Prediction Apps on Android
Cricket Prediction Apps on Android

It is one of the best live cricket apps, and you get a rich experience out of it while placing your predictions. It is live cricket with ball-by-ball commentary, player interviews and features, team and player rankings, statistics and records, the latest news, and more. And all these are on the very best screen display, and data-driven insights drive everything. It has AI-based performance predictions, and there are pretty good options too.

You get ball-by-ball commentary and live cricket scoring with fantasy tips for all international matches and T20 leagues. You also get interviews, features, the latest cricket news, press conferences, player and team rankings, etc. It is worth downloading from the Google Play Store.

5. Lucky Day App

Cricket Prediction Apps
Cricket Prediction Apps

Lucky Day app is great fun to start for your fantasy world of best cricket prediction app on Android, and you can make daily scores. It has several options, like daily scratchers, lottos, and raffles. The app has been downloaded 40 million times, and you can find great joy while competing with your friends.

You can follow the app on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The app is free to download.

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