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Origami is the traditional Japanese art of folding designed paper into a myriad of shapes such that it symbolizes animals, birds, plants, trees, and other living beings or structures. Origami art is unique because a person requires a piece of paper and a high level of creative imagination. It is even more surprising that you can create thousands of shapes by folding pieces of paper without the help of taping, gluing, or cutting them. With the growth of many apps, you can create more such designs and even play challenging games with your friends.

The best origami app for iPhone is usually a simple app with step-by-step instructions. Most apps will guide you through the basics, while other apps require some basic knowledge about origami so that you can quickly jump on to the next level of creativity with ease. Therefore, it is easier to learn the basics before switching to higher levels. There are also options for kids, teens, and elders to jump to the next level if they find the earlier options easy to grasp.

There are origami apps specific to certain shapes, while others are general. If you wish to take certain art pieces in origami as your preferred option, the choice is yours. Again, in real life, some people have deviated from the original origami by using glues, tapes, and stickers and joining more than one or more papers or art forms. The apps given below follow only the traditional state of the art.

1. Origami Easy Creator App

Origami Easy Creator
Origami Easy Creator

The origami Easy Creator app is ideal for you if you start with the basics of origami. The app will guide you through each simple design to more complicated designs with a few simple steps. There will be clear step-by-step 3D directions so that even kids can learn them pretty easily. There are hundreds of animated origami-specific instructions that you will surely love to keep your fingers and brain active. 

The app has been rated 4 and has been well-liked by most users, and there are different levels of difficulty, which makes it very challenging yet not impossible to achieve. The app comes with origami videos, and you are connected to the world of origami wherever you are.

2. How to Make Origami Animals App

How to Make Origami Animals
How to Make Origami Animals

The ‘How to Make Origami Animals’ app is also a starter kit for getting the basic information on origami. It helps you get started with traditional paper folding and non-traditional art form creations. People of all ages can easily follow the app’s instructions because it is simple. It also gives instructions with 3D animation, and there is hardly any reason why a person will not learn superb animal creations.

Kids will love this app as they are more connected with birds and animals, and you can encourage them to retain focus and force them to think creatively. 

3. Learn How to Make Origami App

Learn How to Make Origami
Learn How to Make Origami

The ‘Learn How to Make Origami’ app is also a primary step to origami paper art, where you learn things in step-by-step instructions. The app comes with 32 origami designs that include complete details and a visual guidebook. Among the 32 shapes, you will find excellent information about folding paper into flowers, stars, boxes, and much more. The photos in the app are noteworthy as they are of top quality, and the diagrams are all precise. You also get to make use of the user-friendly, polished interface.

Among the designs, star folding is very popular among users, as they need the same for festive seasons, auspicious events, and memorable weekends. The app is superb and is one of the best for beginners who would love to understand the ancient Japanese art of folding paper.

4. ‘How to Make Origami’ App

How to make Origami
How to make Origami

The app ‘How to Make Origami’ is simple and easy and is one of the best for beginners. You will learn the art of folding paper to resemble numerous birds, animals, and other items that you would like to gift to your parents, friends, and colleagues. You can do so by learning the step-by-step process of folding a designed piece of paper without the use of glue, scissors, or tape. The app teaches you everything about the basics with the help of 3D animation. 

If you are focused on the animation and have the right kind of paper in your hand, you can create astonishing patterns with over 80 traditional origami designs. It will take you to a new level of creativity. According to some studies, origami helps enhance logical reasoning, attention span, fine motor skills, and spatial thinking. You can easily use the creative app to decrease your stress and anxiety and allow it to take you to an altogether different world.

You will be amazed at the number of items you have created if you diligently read the app instructions. The most popular creations through this app are the crane, dinosaur, duck, jumping frog, rabbit, pigeon, lily, flowers of different shapes and sizes, and much more.

5. Funny Origami App

Funny Origami
Funny Origami

Yet another great origami app will do wonders for your creative levels. You can try the free traditional origami patterns on the Funny Origami app. If you want to reach new heights in traditional and non-traditional origami creations, this app will guide you to become a master of the basics. 

The instructions in the app are lucid and easy to understand, and the details of paper folding are done without interruptions and slowly so that you don’t lose focus. The most popular design selections are the crane, frog, flowers of different kinds, rose, lily, rabbit, fox, owl, and ship.

The app is easy to download to your iPhone, and you can select the best designs after learning the basics.

6. Origami Live App for iPhone

Introducing Origami Live
Introducing Origami Live

Origami Live is a new origami 2.0 app and is better for those who have some experience. The app allows you to use origami prototypes on your iPhone without a hitch. It has numerous features that you may not find in other apps, like code exporting, sketch integration, presentation mode, high-powered gesture support, and much more. The app also comes with multi-touch device sensors, etc. With this, you can seamlessly carry out your task without writing any code. By holding the phone in your hand, you can get the prototype’s look as good as the natural product. You are creating high-fidelity replicas resembling the final products, and the app is beneficial for professionals in design and engineers.

It is usually seen in real life that designers create products, incorporate detailed specifications, and spend a lot of time getting the product closer to the prototype. However, with this new app, you needn’t waste your energy or time, and the app helps you through the whole process with a click of a button. It is a new feature and is referred to as Code Export.

With the help of this app, the engineers can later copy and paste sections of the animation created into their files to get an identical identification of the prototype.

This origami app will support live links to your Photoshop files if you are a Photoshop user. Further, with the help of this sophisticated app, your prototype gets synchronized with the latest visuals that you have created. These can be updated with a simple pressing of the button.

You get complete tutorials so that your journey to this new level of the origami 2-0 app is fun and entertaining. With this app, you can start from the basics to sophisticated design with numerous downloadable file options.

7. Let’s Fold: Origami puzzle game App

Let's Fold - Origami Puzzle Game
Let’s Fold: Origami Puzzle Game

The ‘Let’s Fold’ origami puzzle game app is for those who want to solve easy and challenging puzzles. It is an app that will be like the brain-twisters that you often find elsewhere. The puzzles are suitable for kids, and there are complex ones that adults can make use of, and these can be done only after learning the basics of origami.

The app is a colorful and enjoyable puzzle game and features 80 characters that you can create by folding a virtual piece of paper. Both children and adults can play it because of its excellent interface and single touch screen. It is great fun and challenging, as you will find that there is progressive gameplay, and after reaching each target, you need to unlock new characters at each stage.

If you are tired of virtual pieces of paper, the app contains a ‘Print Shop’ that provides printable papers that you can fold into figures. Some games are outright easy, while others can be very challenging and give your mind focus and enhance your attention span. The challenging puzzles can help you share your mind with exercises that help thwart dementia, stress, anxiety, and monotony. Again, the games have no time limits. As you go from one stage to the next, you collect new characters. 

It is worth having the app downloaded to your iPhone, especially during your travels, as you can remain focused without worrying.

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