Best iPhone Apps for Social Workers to Guide them in their Duties

A modern social worker’s job depends, to a great extent, on technology. They must meet many people who have health issues, address basic needs, solve problems related to basic amenities for the poor and oppressed, and deliver medication and life support equipment to vulnerable sections of the society through various institutions.

It is also imperative that a social worker face people almost daily and interact with them to provide solutions to their problems.

In all of the above tasks, the social worker has to depend greatly on modern mobile technology. Most contemporary social worker apps have appeared for free downloads to do the jobs more easily and over a wider area than would otherwise be possible with traditional methods. It means that most social workers use apps to guide them in their duties towards the needy and vulnerable part of the population.

There are 10 best iPhone apps for social workers given below that would enable them to attain their objectives within the scheduled time and help them interact with more people. All the apps given below are excellent for remote work.

1. Microsoft Teams App

Microsoft Teams App
Microsoft Teams App

It is one of the top apps for social workers and has tons of features. It is a single platform that helps your team come under a commonly shared workspace where team conversations, team meetings, calendars, files of other team members, and task information all go under one’s fingertips on the iPhone device. It is free and can be downloaded from the app store. Help your team achieve their social goals with no hitches.

It is fast and enables a social worker to plan for both personal and official purposes and manage tasks with the help of its secure platform. It also includes collaboration over a wide range of services between team members and has great built-in cloud storage.

You can easily chat and share links, photos, or calendar invites with friends or colleagues and use the channels dedicated to the focused workspace on important and emergency projects. You can also use quicker options like GIFs, emojis, and message animation. Once connected, you can arrange for chatting and screen sharing in virtual rooms during important social workers’ meetings. All these you do by having complete control over your data.

2. Reddit App

Reddit App
Reddit App

The Reddit app has been extensively used by social workers and has more than 26,000 members on the site. It keeps the social worker groups informed of the latest happenings in social work and gets you updated news. It is one single common space where social workers of several kinds come together and frequently exchange information and indulge in meaningful chatting sessions. It has loads of features and is also a platform where any topic under the sky could be discussed and help people stay connected.

It also means that the app helps thousands of communities stay united on dedicated topics and helps one another in the speedy progress of their tasks at hand. The communities get the help of unique features on the app and carry out profitable completion of plans and schemes with collaborative thinking and implementation. Members can easily use live videos and chats to get their message across to others. If you go for the premium app, you will find it ad-free.

3. Google Translate App

Google Translate App
Google Translate App

The Google Translate app is among the best that helps social workers get connected to a wider audience beyond language barriers. In other words, it supports most of the world’s spoken languages, and you can instantly connect with a social worker member of your team without facing barriers to communication.

It is not limited to translating conversation but can instantly translate text, handwriting, voice, and translate text focused by the camera. It can reliably translate words of about 109 languages, and the app is indeed an asset for any social worker wishing to communicate over an expanding network.

There may be some lingering doubt among users about their data security with this app. It is one of the best iPhone apps for social workers, and its accessibility is not limited to a few languages. Therefore, there are several advantages and perhaps a few disadvantages. Yet, overall, it is great so long as you refrain from placing sentences or paragraphs that have direct links to your personal information.

4. The Savvy Social Worker App

The Savvy Social Worker App
The Savvy Social Worker App

The Savvy Social Worker app on your iPhone will be great for any social service tasks, as it is made for that very purpose. It is a unique evidence-based app that performs with the sole aim of facilitating any social worker to carry out their tasks, specifically by linking data with fieldwork. It is informative, and you have everything about social work covered. The app can do all these things because of its capabilities of drawing information and knowledge from numerous sources and arranging them in perfect order to make it savvy for the user.

The app has been developed at the Buffalo School of Social Work and keeps users abreast of the latest updates in social work and future trends. You will also find a comprehensive list of social activities, including substance abuse and mental health services. In real life, it is always a problem to keep in line with both information and action on the field, and it is here that this app excels when compared to others.

5. Waze Navigation and Live Traffic App

Waze Navigation and Live Traffic App
Waze Navigation and Live Traffic App

The Waze navigation and live traffic app facilitate anyone driving through congested roads or highways and can be worth it if they are determined to reach their destination on time. The Waze app tells you instantly all about the traffic, approaching construction work, accidents, and specific police alerts.

It is especially one of the most sought-after apps in cities, where you never know whether there is traffic congestion due to any reason or not after a few minutes of driving. Other than this, you get instant information on a host of other issues, including police hazards, faster routes, sudden changes in courses, shortcuts, and digital alerts about your arrival time based on the current traffic data. You can also find gas stations where you can get your fuel for a lower price and enable you to drive without hassles with the Haze app right before you on your vehicle’s display screen.

6. Caretivity App

Caretivity App
Caretivity App

The Caretivity app is a unique and popular app designed for iPhones for social worker coordination and counseling purposes and generally for people who are always communicating with social services departments. They can quickly respond to other service calls and other issues, including contacting other mental health providers, juvenile probation officers, and various other agencies. It is a phenomenal support system used by social workers across communities to come together for any communication or sharing of information.

The app helps to enhance parent and client engagement and enables other social workers to communicate with the family in a more coordinated way. It also means that you can avoid using phone calls, emails, chats, or paper work with this one social worker’s connectivity platform. Even families think that they can somehow remain connected to this single source of social help, as the social team can give them support at all times.

In this way, they can save time, money, and people’s lives.

7. Mentorship App

Mentorship App
Mentorship App

Mentorship is important for families or individuals with a wide range of real-life problems that they cannot cope with alone. They need a professional mentor to look after their stress levels and day-to-day activities. They need to advise them to have a mutual connection to solve several issues relating to health, old age, poverty, child abuse, sexual attacks, suicides, and carrying out their social tasks without stress and other hassles. In social work, mentorship often comes to the fore when the client’s needs are such that there is only a thin line between utter distress and survival.

Mentorship helps people reach out to professionals, who then make sure that they can share their knowledge and experience with those at the lower rungs of the social service ladder. It is one of the best iPhone apps for social workers and has great features to help facilitate data flow from the mentor to the mentee.

8. Suicide-Safe App

Suicide Safe App
Suicide-Safe App

The Suicide Safe app is the top suicide prevention learning tool for health and social workers. The Suicide Safe app is based on the guidelines recognized by SAFE-T practice. It is a great app for social workers to communicate and provide counseling to patients and parents. The patients are counseled to bring about confidence in their lives and desist from suicidal tendencies.

The app will guide social workers to interact with the patients and their families and take appropriate steps to take them for treatment and hospitalization. All these will be carried out through community referrals and advice.

The app provides easy references from real-life scenarios and sample case studies and helps further exploration of emergency procedures and clinical sources.

9. Tap TapSee App

Tap TapSee App
Tap TapSee App

The Tap TapSee App is a free app with many features for dedicated social workers. It is specially designed for the blind and the visually impaired and helps them identify objects they feel around them. The visually impaired person needs to tap on the screen to take a picture because the app uses image recognition software. It has made the lives of the blind far better than they had been leading earlier, as they are more confident in their lives and about the presence of objects and people around them.

When the visually impaired person taps on the screen and takes a picture, the phone speaks loudly of the object. If you are a social worker, you may assist them by sharing their photos and getting the latest information about their condition.

10. Medscape App

Medscape App
Medscape App

The Medscape app is one of the best online platforms for physicians and healthcare specialists. It offers the latest medical news and is free to use. You get speedy and genuine clinical and medical information and treatment options. It also comes with loads of features, including more than 400 medical calculators and 8,500 medication prescriptions. You can also access the largest network of medical practitioners and professionals, and much more.

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