How to Uninstall Yahoo Mail and Reinstall the Same Quickly?

In this article, you will learn how to uninstall Yahoo Mail and reinstall it. Generally, people uninstall their mail service only when they face issues with mailing services. As most of their contacts are stored in Yahoo, it is natural that you cannot do without your Yahoo mail, and hence you may find it a little heartbreaking. Deleting your Yahoo mail account from your device would mean that it would remove all your emails, and you would lose your account. Apart from this, you also miss out on several services from Yahoo. It can be devastating if you don’t have another email service to resort to, as most people have more than one email service for communicating with their contacts.

However, you can clear up several issues with your Yahoo email if you have an idea of how to uninstall yahoo mail and reinstall it quickly so that you can continue using its services. Not only will it fix irritating issues, but it will also make your Yahoo email seamless and better. 

Uninstalling Yahoo Mail from Your Device

Firstly, you need to know whether your Yahoo mail has been installed from a Web browser or the same has been downloaded from an App Store application. To get an idea about this, you click on Settings, which appear on the screen. After tapping on Settings, you click Mail and go to ‘Contacts’ and then ‘Calendar.’ Here, you tap Yahoo at the top and look for the table to find rows. At ‘Version Note,’ you will find the Yahoo Mail listed. If so, it means that your Yahoo mail has been installed through the Apple Store. 

If it is not in the App Store, it means that Yahoo has been installed on the web browser. You then start with steps that will uninstall Yahoo Mail.

First, you need to go to the Yahoo homepage and click on the Yahoo Mail icon. While doing so, you get to the Yahoo Mail page. The next step is to click on the Settings tab at the top right-hand corner of the Mail Page on Yahoo. You will be able to locate the applications list in the General Section, and when you find this, you need to click ‘Uninstall,’ which is found next to Yahoo Mail App. You will get a confirmation prompt to either uninstall Yahoo Mail completely or restart it. If you have restarted, you will find the Yahoo Mail app icon on the Yahoo Homepage again, and you can click here to start using Yahoo Mail once again. 

However, if you have uninstalled the Yahoo Webmail app, you need to log out of all browsers. You must take a little caution and change the passwords of associated logins soon after this is done. If not, you risk losing your data to outsiders through cached information that becomes easily accessible to them. Again, third parties may also access data through computer settings and cookies. To avoid this, you may find out about the third-party software you have installed by going to the App Store and then clicking Preferences and viewing details on Web Apps.

Uninstalling Yahoo Mail from Your Device
Uninstalling Yahoo Mail from Your Device

If you want to know how to uninstall Yahoo Mail and reinstall it on your PC, you may take the following steps:

You can go to Settings, click on Apps, and look for apps and features. You will soon get to view the Mail application of Yahoo from the list of other apps on your desktop or PC. You need to click the ‘Uninstall’ button, and the process will start. After the app has been uninstalled, you may go to the Microsoft Store and again download and reinstall the Yahoo Mail app. 

Reinstalling Yahoo Mail on your computer or PC is pretty straightforward. However, it would help if you weren’t confused about uninstalling and deactivating your Yahoo Mail account. Here, you don’t lose your data, as Yahoo Mail will let you recover any account that you have deactivated. Nevertheless, you will lose immediate access to your data, contents, emails, calendars, email folders, Yahoo Finance portfolios, Flickr photos, and Yahoo Fantasy Team. However, you will recover all these if you reactivate your Yahoo account within thirty days. If you fail to do so, the official Yahoo site will remove your registration once and for all. To recover your deleted Yahoo login, you will have to sign in to the site within thirty days. 

Using Updated Yahoo Mail Version

You must have uninstalled Yahoo Mail from your device because you sometimes find Yahoo not working properly. It will do you a lot of good if you don’t hurry to uninstall, as the problem may lie elsewhere. If you see such issues, the cause may be because of the internet. To remove this problem, you must be using a browser compatible with your Yahoo account. It may be Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge that you often find compatible with your Yahoo account. Again, the problem may be due to an outdated Yahoo Mail app that you have been using for generations. Therefore, it is high time to update if yours is still an old version and see whether the latest version gets rid of the problems. If it doesn’t do so, you may then resort to uninstall process and then reinstall your Yahoo Mail app. In both cases, you must get rid of the caches and other apps it has opened. 

In some cases, the problem may be related to your internet connection in your area; currently, Yahoo Mail is working fine in most places. The updated version of Yahoo that you can reinstall and start on your PC is a great improvement on the earlier version and includes the custom viewing of a certain type of message. You also get access to Yahoo’s new service. In any case, it is always good to have an idea about how to uninstall Yahoo Mail and reinstall it for future purposes. 

Using Updated Yahoo Mail Version
Using Updated Yahoo Mail Version

Overall, the latest Yahoo is pretty good, and it keeps your data and communications secure. You can also customize your email account to get the tasks done in the best way possible on this site.

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