How to Uninstall and Reinstall FFXIV Multiplayer GamePlay on Your PC?

This article will tell you how to uninstall and reinstall FFXIV. If you have the Final Fantasy XIV on your PC, desktop, or laptop, you may need to make more space, or perhaps the downloaded app has some viewing problems. In many cases, uninstalling an app like Final Fantasy XIV and then reinstalling the same again can remove the hidden issues completely. But before you start uninstalling FF XIV, you must have all the products to be registered with your Square Enix account. You must also focus on removing any trial run of the game you have on your desktop, as otherwise, the uninstall process will not occur properly. Again, there should be no pending payment and part downloads of the app when you start this process. You should look into the above points and clear up the matter so that you can become an expert on how to uninstall and reinstall FFXIV from your computer. 

As you know, Final Fantasy XIV is a multiplayer role-playing game that Square Enix has developed for online players. The theme is fully in the realm of fantasy, and the story unfolds in the fictional land of Eorzea. Each player in the game is a Time traveler character who needs to travel into the future to escape their destruction. Characters are played with God’s assistance and intuitive response to enemies and monsters. The software is powerful, and the download is 15 GB, and you get a level cap of up to 60 with a free trial, while for a paid version of the game, it is 80 levels. 

Uninstalling Final Fantasy XIV from your computer

It would help if you had a clear idea that all apps downloaded into your computer have their own set of caches, presets, applications, and other hidden files to completely remove the app. If there is a hitch in removing any of these files, you may have difficulty reinstalling the FFXIV onto your computer. Hence, your first step should be to clean up all traces of FFXIV, including associated files from your PC. 

If you are using Microsoft Windows, you will have to locate the Windows icon and then right-click on it. You then choose the ‘FFXIV app from the list of apps and then click on it. Your next step is to click on ‘Uninstall’ to remove the app. If you have some difficulty here, you may choose another option on how to uninstall and reinstall FFXIV from Windows. 

In this case, you click the Start Menu and select the Control Panel on the Windows desktop. You can also browse for Settings to find the Control Panel, and then your next step is to select ‘Add or Remove Programs’ or something like it and select or locate the FFXIV app and click on it. When you do so, the app is shown as the chosen one, and then you click on ‘Change/Remove, and you will find the uninstall process starting. If you see any prompts on your screen, you must follow them properly and any online alerts. 

When you uninstall the FFXIV app from your computer, you will find that the data stored in the ‘My Documents folder does not get removed. You, therefore, need to clean up the unnecessary files and associated files of the game from the folder so that you get to remove the complete app from your computer. It would help if you also cleaned up your Trash, so there is no error when you reinstall the gameplay. 

If you have any apprehension, like losing the earlier progress of the game during the uninstall process, you need to have no fear. The Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO, and this means that the developers store and save the server and all characters, etc., of the gameplay. 

Your next step is to uninstall. If you want to remove the game on your Mac, you need to go to the Applications Directory and select Final Fantasy XIV and then move it to Trash. It would help if you were careful not to remove game settings found in Library/Application Support.

how to uninstall and reinstall ffxiv
uninstall and reinstall FFXIV

Reinstalling the Final Fantasy XIV App

Before reinstalling the game, you must double-check that you have deleted all files relating to FFXIV, or there can be issues during downloads. You also need to clean up enough space on your hard disk so that you can reinstall the app easily. It is done by deleting files that take up a lot of storage and for which you have no need currently. When there is enough space, reinstalling the 15 GB app will not pose any problem. 

It is noteworthy that the same installation process is carried out for PC and Mac players. First, you need to place an order for the game and run the installer from your download. From time to time, instructions appear on the screen that you will have to follow. Finally, you will get a prompt to create a Square Enix account. The Square Enix account is the channel that you will use to log on to the game. 

You may find that you encounter an error during downloads, and this is because of problems in your network. It is seen that network issues can be an issue as client service will not respond. 

When you have a clean reinstall done, you may resort to third-party developers by enabling the add-ons in the launcher settings. You can select the third-party plug-in and get the maximum thrill out of the game when you do this. 

However, there can be issues when the game gets stalled for no apparent reason. It may be because you need to sign in to your administrator. You will have to login into Windows by signing as the administrator or right-click on the file to make it so. 

Again, the problem may have been caused by your firewall. It can suddenly stop data from reaching your PC, which means your download will stop. Hence, the best step is to switch off your firewall until the FFXIV app is downloaded completely. Once you know how to uninstall and reinstall FFXIV on your PC, you can start doing the same with other computers. 

uninstall FFXIV
uninstall FFXIV

FFXIV Launcher

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