Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS

It is no secret that smartphone cameras today are capable of producing some truly stunning pictures. A great photo, however, is usually as much a product of the photo editing app as it is a product of the camera itself.

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS, for example, with their mirror effects and perspective distortion, can elevate a basic photo into a truly artistic one. Sadly, Mirror Lab is not available on the app store, and iOS users naturally have to settle for an alternative.

Thankfully, there are a handful of apps on the App Store that are just as effective as Mirror Lab. In fact, some are even more advanced and comprehensive. 

Below is a detailed list of apps capable of performing the same functions as Mirror Lab on the App Store.

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS (Alternatives)

1. Snapseed

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Snapseed
Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Snapseed

It would be extremely rare to find a serious list of the best photo editing software on iOS that doesn’t have Snapseed on it. It is one thing for a photo editor to have so many impressive features; it is another to be able to package those features into a neat, simple, and tidy exterior.

This is exactly what Snapseed has been able to pull off.

Just like Mirror Lab, this app is capable of adding a high level of artistry to your pictures. In fact, we should add a warning that if you choose to give Snapseed a try, you may never go back to any other photo editor again.

2. PhotoRoom Studio

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Photoroom Studio
Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Photoroom Studio

Without a doubt one of the best photo editors on the App Store, PhotoRoom Studio is made for those who want to give their pictures a truly professional studio look. 

Thanks to its strong artificial intelligence, PhotoRoom can automatically perform difficult editing tasks in just a matter of seconds.

Desaturation, color splash, background removal, and background blur are just some of the functions you can perform easily with this app.

3. LightX

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS LightX
Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS LightX

A lesser-known app on the App Store, LightX offers a clean interface for photography enthusiasts looking to increase the quality of their pictures and introduce a significant amount of artistry to them.

Of the numerous highlights that this application offers, perhaps the most notable is its speed and simplicity. Among some of its more advanced features is its ability to create cartoons and caricatures, change backgrounds, blur photos, merge multiple pictures, add splash effects, and apply multiple exposure effects, among others.

4. Picsart Photo & Video Editor

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Picsart
Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Picsart

Picsart, as the name implies, is an app made for artists and creatives. Just like Mirror Lab, this application can bring your photo to life in a way very few others can.

With Picsart, you have access to multiple cleaning tools, background erasing effects, custom designer fonts, and a ton of free stock images.

You also get to enjoy retouching features that allow hair color changes, makeup-sticker additions, and so much more.

5. Photoshop Express

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Photoshop Express
Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Photoshop Express

Mirror Lab is known for its simple yet effective interface. In this regard, Photoshop Express also excels. It is just as incredibly easy to use, and many would argue that its final output rivals that of Mirror Labs.

Apart from its wonderful filters and automatic fixes, Photoshop Express is also notable for its collages, color and image enhancement, overlays, advanced healing, and dehazing.

Final Thoughts

There you have it—a list of the best apps like Mirror Lab for iOS. All of the apps above are capable of giving you the same artistic results that Mirror Lab can, and then some. Let us know below if you’ve ever made use of any of these apps and what your experience with them is.

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