Exploring LIA Informant: A Comprehensive Guide

An LG smartphone’s LIA informant can act as a spy for the LG Smart Widget. Among other things, it tells the widget about the phone’s network connections, contacts, messages, and more. To keep the smart widget running well, it depends on Lia Informant to receive essential phone facts and statistics updated every second.

The more information it gathers from your phone, the more likely it is that other third-party apps will have access to it. Other apps can use this information to gather your facts and give you a personalised experience, even if the tool is only compatible with the LG Smart Widget. The Lia Informant is a system app; thus, it won’t sync with other programmes unless the user permits it. Thus, it is not a major concern, but you are free to remove it without risk.

What is an LIA informant?

LIA informant
LIA informant

On LG smartphones, this system app or service keeps the Smart Widget up-to-date with all the details that make it better for consumers. The Smart Widget is likely already familiar to anyone who has used an older LG smartphone. Among its many useful functions are those of saving battery life, cleaning up storage, alerting the user to critical messages and calls, and so on.

To keep the Smart Widget current and useful, Lia Informant is responsible for updating it with important facts. Since the smart widget relies on Lia Informant for the majority of its data collection, its absence could render it useless.

LIA Informant Availability And Capabilities

The LIA Informant has access to every permission on your phone. If you’re curious about how it tracks and exchanges data with the smart widget, then you should know that. Absolutely! It has full access to all of your messages and your whole network. You can find a more comprehensive solution by looking at the list of permissions that Lia Informant has on your LG smartphone.

Direct Messaging: Lia The informant may read and distribute any kind of text message or multimedia message stored on your phone. Both normal and business- and customer-based lines can send and receive private messages.

Call Recordings: Calls, both incoming and outgoing, are recorded in the call log. And Lia’s informant can read that. Moreover, it is capable of identifying the number that you call most often, or even every day. It distinguishes between the two by counting the number of times a call has been placed or received from that particular number.

Contacts: Your Lia Informant can access any of your contacts that are stored on your phone or SIM card, regardless of whether they are banned or not. Additionally, it is capable of reading email addresses, phone numbers, linked contacts, and other contact information. In addition, it may check WhatsApp availability for contacts.

Wireless Cellular System: You may also see all the details that come with the network that your phone is now accessing. Everything from data roaming to network operators, access point names, and modes is legible.

Important Dates: Any date can be marked on your phone’s calendar app. The informant will be able to read the event on the calendar, regardless of who marks it. Such as birthday surprise celebrations, which are celebrated clandestinely.

Telephone Data: You may also see the permanent and current details under the phone stats. Everything from the model of your LG phone to its current battery percentage is at your fingertips. This includes IP addresses and IMEI numbers as well.

Find Out How To Remove the LIA Informant

What Is LIA Informant?
What is an LIA informant?

For some, LIA Informant may just seem like more memory-hogging junk. In that case, I’ll show you how to remove it entirely from your computer, so there’s no need to fret.

  • Try erasing the system app’s cache if you encounter problems such as LIA Informant has ceased operation or a process (com.lge.ia.task.informant) has unexpectedly stopped. It will undoubtedly resolve the majority of the problems. If it doesn’t work, you might want to think about taking it off your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the Developers Options on your mobile device and enable USB Debugging.
  • Launch Windows on your computer and follow this link to get ADB.
  • After you open the zip file, extract its contents and save them in a different folder.
  • Launch PowerShell by opening the command prompt window in that directory.
  • To get the daemon going, type the following command: .}adb gadgets
  • Next, link your mobile device to your computer using a data cord. Assuming all goes OK, this could display the serial number of your phone.
  • To permanently delete LIA Informant from your LG phone, do the following command: com.lge.ia.task.informant`.\adb shell pm uninstall -user 0
  • If you want to save a lot of cache files in case you ever want to install it again, you can add the -k parameter to the previous command.

How secure is LIA Informant?

Keeping it on your phone is completely safe. Some LG smartphones include the system-based app Lia Informant in their stock recovery image (ROM). It communicates with other apps and services in your system by collecting data and statistics from your phone. Because of its deployment settings, it cannot share data with other programs. Concerns regarding confidentiality and safety are thus unfounded.

Keeping the LIA Informant on My Phone: Is It Necessary?

How Secure Is Lia Informant?
How secure is Lia Informant?

Yes, we do not need to worry about it because it is safe to maintain it in its current state. If you are concerned about the data that it collects on your phone, then allow me to make one thing clear: it does not share the information that it collects with any third-party applications, and it will never disclose that information until you deliberately allow it with some superuser permission.


One of the many background-running apps and services in the Android ecosystem is Lia Informant, which begins immediately upon a successful device boot-up. Smart Widget and other LG services included with the default ROM rely on it as an informant. Information about your device and the activities you perform on it (such as making calls, texting, etc.) are shared. Other system apps can provide you with a more tailored experience when you share some data with them.

Remove it from your phone if you don’t want it to collect your details. This may be accomplished by rooting your smartphone and then using the System app removal tool. On the other hand, if you’re using a personal computer, you can remove Lia Informant by running the tools we provided in PowerShell. Eliminating it shouldn’t cause any problems, but it might render some of your phone’s functionality inoperable.

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