Atom VPN for iOS

Atom VPN for iOS

If you’re looking for safe ways of accessing the web, then some great options are available. One solution is to install apps like Firefox Focus which block websites from tracking you across multiple devices. Another option is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which can be expensive if you want one dedicated to your … Read more

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS

Apps like Mirror Lab for iOS Photoshop Express

It is no secret that smartphone cameras today are capable of producing some truly stunning pictures. A great photo, however, is usually as much a product of the photo editing app, as it is a product of the camera itself.  Apps like Mirror Lab for ios, for example, with its mirror effects and perspective distortion, … Read more

Best iPhone Apps for Social Workers to Guide them in their Duties

Best iPhone Apps for Social Workers

A modern social worker’s job depends to a great extent on technology. They must meet many people who have health issues, address basic needs, solve problems related to basic amenities for the poor and oppressed and deliver medication and life support equipment to vulnerable sections of the society through various institutions. It is also imperative … Read more

Best Origami App for iPhone that is Unique with Advantages

Best Origami App for iPhone

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of folding designed paper into a myriad of shapes such that it symbolizes animals, birds, plants, trees, and other living beings or structures. Origami art is unique because a person requires a piece of paper and high creative imagination. It is even more surprising that you can create thousands … Read more