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Best 5 SMS Lock Apps

Today in this article, we will talk about the best SMS lock apps. We spend a lot of time on our phones, and texting is one of the things that we spend time doing on our phones. To be safe and protect yourself from people snooping, you may want to get SMS lock apps for your privacy. You could forget your phone somewhere or have it stolen, and the last thing you need is to have people go through your phone. SMS lock applications are available to assist you. By locking the SMS box on your phone, you can hand over your phone to anyone. As a result, no one will be able to access your private messages.

Here are some SMS lock apps that you can use to keep your messages safe:

SMS Lock Apps #1: Messenger Lock

Messenger and Chat Lock
Messenger and Chat Lock

You won’t have to be concerned about unauthorized access to your texts if you use this SMS lock app. All of your chat platforms will be secured with a PIN. Messenger Lock protects your data from being accessed by uninvited guests. In addition to texting, all of your media files, including your photo gallery and music player, will be safeguarded. This app’s functioning is also simple. You must input the PIN after downloading; this is a recurring task. The accessor will be recorded instantly if a number gets entered incorrectly. You’ll be able to tell right away if someone is attempting to access your phone without your consent. It’s the most excellent Android message lock app since it’s compact and doesn’t take much space.

SMS Lock Apps #2: Secret Messaging 2020

Secret Messaging 2020
Secret Messaging 2020

Some of the messages that we transmit are highly private and should not be seen by anyone. Hackers may now take control of other people’s phones. Because of this, you’ll require SMS lock software. You may use this SMS lock tool to encrypt your messages before sending them. To put it another way, you’ll be able to exchange passwords for your chats in the form of codes. The receiver must be a member of a group that may pass to get the message. Despite its appearance, this program is user-friendly. Step-by-step instructions are easy to understand. In addition, the app’s functionalities are available to all users for free.



The Ul/EU design on the chat app lock is quite inviting. It provides you with the ability to lock different chat applications, such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, and WhatsApp. A random password will safeguard your private information. You may easily conceal the icon for the application.



A strong password may be used to safeguard your SMS messages in both the inbox and outbox of this SMS lock software, which is available for free. If you have accidentally erased some messages, you can recover them. It is available in English, French, and a variety of other languages. These features include blocking irritating messages, sending SMS to many contacts, receiving flashlight alerts on calls, and using attractive emoticons to make your conversations more expressive. Download this software today!

SMS Lock Apps #5: Vault

UC Vault
UC Vault

It is the most widely used SMS locker application for Android devices. It provides robust protection for your SMS, images, and videos, among other things. You can establish a fictitious vault to deceive people. The vault symbol will vanish from the home screen’s navigation bar when you turn on stealth mode.

The takeaway

When you lock your phone, you may feel relieved that your data is secure; nevertheless, it is critical to lock your applications since this is the only method to ensure that they remain safe. If you do not want strangers or loved ones going through your texts, make sure you use SMS lock apps. Do not use passwords that people can easily guess, like your birthday.

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