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Why is Pocket Potions Off The App Store?

In this article, we will talk about why Pocket Potions is off the App Store. Games are much more than what we think they are. In 2018, a study revealed the possibility of a connection between neurons, and new connections are said to be formed during gaming across different genres. The process of playing a game was taught to be entertainment, and yet things have changed a lot. No longer do we have games as an entertainment option because there are people who have made a career out of gaming. They believe that gaming is the ultimate professional, and modern video and digital games have become more popular than traditional outdoor games.

If you are familiar with the genre of business management and strategy games, you would know about Pocket Portions. It is the best 2D game in this genre, and while it is no longer present on the Play Store, it is still the top game to be searched for online. The idea behind the game was that you are an ordinary businessman living in an alchemical world where you inherited a fairy shop from your grandmother. When you inherited the shop, it was a tiny shop, and the idea behind the game was to turn that shop into a massive gallery. You build potions and elixirs, depending on the level of the game. 

Why is Pocket Potions off the App Store?

User privacy is always the first priority of Apple Inc., and we are all aware of that. There are so many different types of apps that have been banned because they do not meet the normal rules and regulations of user privacy set by Apple. Being the victim of this policy, Pocket Potions got removed from the official iTunes Store and Apple App Store. It is said that Pocket Potions also had many problems with its features, terms, and conditions. It is no longer available in the United States, and there are rumors that the app’s website has been hacked. Keeping an app whose website has been hacked is not something that Apple would do.

Games Like Pocket Potion To Play In 2022

Order Up!! To Go
Order Up!! To Go

The Supervillains Studios created this game for both Android and iOS devices. It is a simulation game based on time management and strategy. All the games mentioned in this list are precisely like Pocket Potion, and if you enjoyed playing Pocket Potion, you would love to play this game. Like you had your shop in Pocket Potions, you would have your small restaurant in this app. It is the journey of a chef from the streets to becoming one of the most reputed celebrity chefs in the world. You have to discover new recipes and cook various things depending on the different levels. You would also have to collect money from your customers and gain stars to build your reputation. 

Biz Builder Delux
Biz Builder Delux

Kairosoft is the creator of this traditional time management and single-player game for both iOS and Android devices. This is a traditional business-building game where you would have to advance your business. We like this game because it gives me choices to start, whether we have to choose which business among the three present by default. You would have to earn money by selling and buying products and always keep yourself in profit. A good advantage of playing this game is that kids will understand the basic idea behind profit and loss. You would also have money to invest in other businesses as well. If you have played games like Biz Builder Deluxe before, then you will enjoy it. Gamers with no knowledge of games like this will have to spend some time learning it first. 

Cafeteria Nipponica
Cafeteria Nipponica

By the name itself, you can understand what type of game it would be. The same company that created Biz Builder Deluxe also created this, and it is available on all significant platforms. This game focuses on the aesthetic part of gaming rather than the business model. You will get a restaurant to start with, which will be your own coffee shop. The coffee shop that is simulated in the game is completely redesigned, and you can add or subtract various things from the shop to design it according to your wishes. You would also have to strike a balance between keeping your customers happy and keeping your staff happy. Although you do have to make regular choices regarding the recipes of your restaurant, everything else is done by your staff. As a manager, you have to look at all the things being done at your restaurant.

Restaurant Empire II
Restaurant Empire II

This game, produced by Enlight Software Limited, is set to be one of the best games in strategy and restaurant building. The name itself suggests that you would have to build your restaurant empire to succeed in the game. The first version of the game is also available on the app store; however, it is said to have fewer features than its advanced counterpart. The game takes place in a fantasy world like every other game in this genre, but locations like Paris, Rome, and Los Angeles show real-time output. You would have to build your empire from scratch by keeping your staff and your customers happy. You will get to play different modes and complete various tasks in the game so that nothing will get repeated. Most of the time, games like these get very repetitive because they have to rely on constant clicking. However, this game has other branches, and you also open several coffee shops and bakeries, apart from building your restaurant empire. 

Final Words

We all remember the game that we played on the first device that was given to us by our peers. Pocket Potion is precisely that type of game, and it has millions of downloads. We personally played the game very often, and we loved to brew new potions as well. However, other games provide the same experience as well. In the above list, games where you would have to build your own empire, whether it is a business empire or a restaurant empire, align with the genre of pocket potion. Try out these games, and you will surely forget pocket potions.

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